Progress Report for Hitlist No.1

Well I am chugging along just fine people and crossing things off my hitlist left, right, and centre – bam, bam, bam!  And it feels good to pull out that list and reflect.  Progress is happening one way or another, even if other areas in my life may be a little chaotic at times.  It really was a nice little boost to my day to cross a couple more items off my list.  It actually brings to mind a great post my sister wrote on the importance of celebrating success, no matter how big or small, otherwise why would we go back to put in more hard work?  So here is my little fist pump cause I am a bit excited that I am nearly through this hitlist.

Wahoo look at me go...making progress on my hitlist!

Wahoo look at me go…making progress on my hitlist!

I am also wondering how I am going to celebrate a completed hitlist??  Hmmmm…

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