What Inspires You?

I am currently in the process of getting back on track in terms of eating well and training hard.  It has been a fairly chaotic six months as most of you know.  For those who don’t, in a nutshell this is how my last six months have read:  husband received job offer on other side of country in January, got house ready for sale, moved to Perth four weeks later, found a rental and school for kids in one week, sold house in Queensland, adjusted adjusting to FIFO lifestyle, bought new house, cleaned and moved house…..which about brings us to present day.  I also survived a wet and chilly winter which I haven’t experienced in years.  There is just something about a cold winters night, a fire, a good book….and chocolate.  Needless to say a few sneaky kilos and some bad habits have crept up over winter and I am feeling ready to tackle them!

My first step for getting back on track is to get my head on straight.  I am trying to gather my inspiration and use it to gather momentum.


To get the ball rolling I thought I would share my thoughts on what inspires me.

1.  Family

Family inspires me in the good and bad kind of way.  You know how it goes….you are forever grateful and thankful for the family you have and think you have the best family in the world (cause I do), but then they can be so incredibly annoying and stupid that you just want to head slap them.  Take for example my parents (Hi Mum, Hi Dad).  They gave my sisters and I the best upbringing.  We grew up on a dairy farm and had so much room to roam and explore.  Think creeks, dams, acres and acres of paddocks, tree climbing, horse riding and lots of animals.  Of course we thought we were hard done by, we had to get the cows in and put them away in the dark most nights, feed the calves, help with milking, and hose the cow poo away from the yard.  OMG, shock horror, we had to help out.  Turns out we didn’t die and had a pretty good early foundation for an active childhood.  They also valued sports and we participated in netball, gymnastics, swimming, and any organised after school items like athletics and cross country training.

mums taxi

Dad had a love of the outdoors, and we were surrounded by some of the most amazing rainforest in the world on the Atherton Tablelands.  Dad would often go trekking through the bush and come back with lots of interesting stuff….the biggest moth I have ever seen, the biggest earth worm, and glowing mushrooms…I kid you not!  Dad even took my sisters and I, and a group of my friends from school on an overnight hiking trip to the Russell River leaving from the bottom of Mt Bartle Frere, when we were in high school.  So I have a lot to thank my parents for, as all the things I love about exercise was founded right there.  I am inspired to be that for my boys and want to stay fit enough to do that.

And in the head slapping kind of way….my family, more so on Dad’s side, have struggled with being overweight and the health issues associated with that.  My mum and dad both stopped playing sport sometime around my high school years and never picked up anything else.  They were really active with working on the farm but now that they are doing other work I worry about their health.  You are never too old to start and I keep nagging them.  They have worked hard and physically all their life.  They have always wanted more for us than they had….well I want more for them.  My dad has lost over 10kgs recently and I am hopeful that one day in the future he might take my boys and their cousins on an epic hiking trip also!  I don’t ever want to stop playing so I use this as a little inspiration also.

2.  YOU -my friends, my family, the people taking the time to read this blog, the everyday people around me.

So much inspiration comes from the people who surround me.  These are a few of the people who have inspired me recently:

  • My sister-in-law competing in her first figure competition at 42,
  • A good friend who has fought thyroid cancer, changed her life, raised 3 kids on her own, took her health into her own hands and lost over 30 kilos by eating well and training hard
  • A uni friend, mum of 2 boys, who ran her first 10km race since having kids.  Not only that but she ran it under 60mins and took out her category.
  • A friend’s Dad, who at 62 hiked Mt Bartle Frere (the tallest mountain in QLD) with us and put us all to shame.
  • A 68yrs young lady at the gym I used to work at who realised her own strength and fitness after meeting friends her own age that she hadn’t seen for some time.  I still remember that moment, when she looked at me and she just got it.  She just said “Beth, I am strong.  I can do anything I want, my friends looked old.”

I could go on, but you get the picture.  These inspirational people are everywhere we just have to take the time to notice and to let them know how wonderful they are.

3.  Me (But not in the “I’m so awesome” kind of way)

I am inspired by the person I want to be.  I want to make myself proud.  I want to keep plugging away, keep trying new things, learning, doing things I didn’t think I could, failing at times but always, always moving in an upward direction.

first time


 What inspires you?



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