Completing 100km on a stationary bike….and how to make it not suck quite so much.

This task was all about kick starting my exercise routine again, especially after being a bit out of whack with moving house and taking stock.  I find that if I get back into a solid exercise routine I tend to feel better, more energised, and tend to eat better as well.  Stationary bike is my weapon of choice as it is time efficient, not dependant on the weather, and not high impact.

One of my pet peeves when I worked in the gym or when I am there for myself is when I see people sitting on a bike, treadmill, or cross trainer just daydreaming, usually texting, listening to music or off in la la land.  Not sweating, not increasing heart rate, and not challenging those leg muscles at all.

If you don't look as bad as this then you aren't working hard enough!!

If you don’t look as bad as this then you aren’t working hard enough!!

I have had people not know that you have to hit start to get some resistance, and these same people will then complain that exercise doesn’t work cause they have been there three times per week.  If you have just started at the gym and it is a big step, then good for you, settle in and get used to your routine….BUT….don’t forget to start asking the trainers about set up and how to mix it up, they are more than happy to help.  If you aren’t sure about how to set up the bike or are uncomfortable, check out this link as a starting point but nothing beats asking a professional if you have any concerns.

Have a plan each time you go to the gym or do a workout,  set your mind to the task at hand then just get it done!!  So this how I tackle 100km on the stationary bike without going completely crazy.


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3

Day 3

Final stretch....Day 4

Final stretch….Day 4

And that is how it is done.  Cross this one off the hitlist!!

4 thoughts on “Completing 100km on a stationary bike….and how to make it not suck quite so much.

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