Journey to Adventurethon – Update 6

This has been a long, hard two weeks and to be honest I am feeling a little defeated by this big goal I thought I could do.  It started with a run of visitors.  I love having visitors, in lots of ways it can take the load off, but it can also disrupt the rhythm of the household.  Its like when you are running and you find your stride, the whole run can feel quite comfortable (unsure what I’m talking about, yeah well, I don’t get that feeling very often but it has happened a couple of times so I live in hope everytime I run).  My point is that I feel like my stride is out of whack, everything just feels like hard work.  Then there was my back.  Not long after coming back from our road trip to Kalbarri, I did a couple of big crossfit sessions which, on top of the travelling, not so good nutrition choices, poor rest, and limited effort put into stretching, was a recipe for disaster.  The back flared up along with significant tightness in several other muscles surrounding the area as often happens.  So I implemented some injury management strategies including some anti-inflammatories, rest, massage, stretching, stretching, and some low impact exercise to get back into the swing of things, which seems to have got me back on track.

Now, there is the whole kayak thing.  As in I can’t stay on the bloody thing!! We are waiting on roof racks for the car so I can transport it, then hoping that I will be able to lift it on and off by myself so that I can train.  All this doubt, uncertainty, and negativity is exhausting.  Trying to stay positive when you are not really believing it is exhausting.  I am exhausted.  SO, I need to devise a plan of action that I can believe in because I need to stop wasting energy on doubting.  I have a few options to follow up on this week to see if I can stay on track for the full adventurethon or I move to plan B which is to swap over to the Dirty Duathlon (13km run, 22km mtb ride, 1km run).  13km run is scaring me a little also but I WILL be having a crack at something.  OK vent is over and now for a quick wrap up of what I did manage to do over the last two weeks.


Monday – 5.5km run

Tuesday – Cleaning and running around in preparation for visitors arriving tonight.  Crossfit in the afternoon with 4 kids in tow.  They were very well behaved, did some homework, played on a big tractor tyre, and joined in with a little of the session from the sidelines.  Felt my back twinge a little in this session.

Wednesday – Rest Day.  Woke up like I had been run over by a truck.  Had planned to rest today anyway and catch up with my visitors.

Thursday –  Rest Day.  Massage in the morning and then out and about with visitors.

Friday – Touring the Swan Valley with visitors.  Quick low impact ride on the exercise bike.  60mins, 42km.  Then out again that night.

Saturday – Walking around Kings Park.  Completed a few stair climbs (Kokoda and Jacob’s Ladder) then did a 3km run.  Stretching.

Jacob's Ladder, Kings Park

Jacob’s Ladder, Kings Park

Sunday – Rottnest Island.  No training just a long day out and about.


Monday – Girl’s shopping trip.  45mins on the exercise bike followed by a 3km run (my eldest boy rode his bike to keep me company).  This run felt really good and I had a glimpse of the possibility that I may just be able to still do this.

Tuesday – 30km hilly road ride.  1 hour 45mins.

Wednesday – Crossfit + 3 x 400m runs after the session.  Kids basketball in the afternoon.

Thursday – Rest Day.  Not recovering as well as I would like.

Friday – Crossfit killer session, followed by a 2km row (machine)  Went for my first kayak with my awesome cousin who showed me the basics in his kayak.  Fell out as soon as he let go of the boat!  Then fell out many, many, many more times.  Felt quite defeated and not sure I can do this.

Saturday – Unbelieveably sore.  Took the whole family out for an afternoon at the river.  Tried out my surf ski that I picked up from the side of the road.  I tipped out more than I did yesterday, and that is saying something.  Aaaaggghhh don’t know what to do.

kayak tip

Sunday – Tired, sore, and defeated.  My wonderful friend, Snooze, organised to take my four boys to the movies and spoil them rotten.  Hubby and I went for a date ride.  Hit the mountain bike trails and had some fun.  Only about 15km but blew some steam off.  Just went out to enjoy it and the hubby.

What to do, what to do?  Any suggestions or words of wisdom would be quite welcome. 


9 thoughts on “Journey to Adventurethon – Update 6

  1. You are amazing Beth and an inspiration! Just hang in there. My only tip (I am not great at the kayak/ski thing either) would be to pay for a lesson or 2…and practice more. Give up a ride or run if you have too. It is all about the core – which as we both know is a little less than ideal after children – especially twins! Love your blogs!


  2. Ok Beth!! Stick to original goal!

    You haven’t come this far to let tiredness allow you to make a poor decision. No matter what happens in the next four training weeks. you stay to the original goal. that’s a non negotiable and one less thing to be exhausted about / have to decide. You are toeing the line for the adventurethon. that’s the challenge you put to yourself. stay true. whatever happens the outcome is purely feedback on where you are at in achieving that challenge.

    Step two. Embrace the suck. (is what my crossfit brad taught us!) right now it sucks. and it was always going to. that was part of the attraction of the challenge. Accept it. Embrace it. Roll with it. Push through it. (obviously within smart reason)

    Step three. Book in a time with your brad to see if he would be willing to help you program out the next four weeks. That allows you a little bit of breathing space and reassurance that somebody else in the field thinks you have the right training program happening. all you have to do then is shoe up / tog up / get out the door. autopilot. You don’t have brain space now to do it on your own and that was always part of the plan / to be expected.

    Step four. Rest and recover stay healthy. stretching is a session if necessary. add gentle core work for maintenance if have to.

    Stay healthy, stay happy, embrace the suck and do whatever it takes to get you on the line. whatever happens is feedback.

    gotta run xxxx

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  3. You’re amazing! With 4 kids – geez. You put so many parents to shame. I hear you when you say you’re exhausted. I am too. It’s been a big year. I absolutely love the idea of a Duathlon. We should meet up next year somewhere half way and do one together. That would be so cool. Don’t overdo it lovely. You need to rest too. I’d love to find out more about Crossfit. I’m very close to joining. 🙂 x


    • Its that time of year isn’t it? Hanging in til school holidays. You should definitely give crossfit a go. It has been tougher than I thought, I am always sore after it, but I love that is always different, trainers do pay attention to teaching technique, you want to give it your best, and I am stronger than I have ever been. It is tough on the body so i would definitely pay attention to any injuries, old niggles, or imbalances, before you start. Have you read my post on CrossFit?:
      And we should definitely meet up for a challenge, we need to get our heads together…What about Mt Kosciuszko? Not half way but it is on my bucketlist? Will have to throw some suggestions around.


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