Taking Stock – November 2014

My sister recently completed a ‘Taking Stock’ post over at her blog Are We There Yet and it reminded me that it is a good way to stop, breathe, and review.  I also love reading them and having a little look into someone else’s life.  As it is really busy at the moment in the Campbell household I thought it would be a good time to do another ‘Taking Stock’ post.  You can read my previous one here.

Making :  It through the days at the moment.  Currently not feeling my creative side but I am hoping to bring it back in the holidays.
Cooking :  Trying to get away with the bare minimum at the moment, think salads, steaming vegies and making some basic protein portion for the meal (BBQ chicken, B&E pie, turkey mince wraps, chicken burgers).  Need to think about Christmas cooking.
Drinking :  Water, coffee, protein shake, and have brought back the Staminade, baby, for those longer endurance sessions.  Did you have Staminade as a kid?

Staminade - Sports Drink Powder
Reading:  Dragonfly in Amber, Diana Gabaldon, yep I’m on board for the Outlander series.
Wanting:  To have my husband home a little more.
Looking:  Forward to the holidays.  My mother-in-law is visiting to help us celebrate Christmas, which is great because Rod will be working Christmas Day.  At least we have just over two weeks holiday in Queensland in the new year.
Playing:  Uno with the kids.  They love that game.

Deciding:  What to do this weekend as the kids have a pupil free day.  Maybe strawberry picking?

Wishing:  That we had a definite plan or the new year.

Enjoying:  Learning to paddle my new (secondhand) kayak.  Really enjoying my time on the river.

Waiting:  For my Adventurethon weekend to arrive, think I will feel relieved to have it under way.

Liking: Pancakes!  I love pancakes.

Wondering:  What my next exercise challenge should be (will definitely be doing a fun hitlist first)

Loving:  My 2XU trisuit and thinking that I might have to try their tights.

Pondering:  What to get my little baby nephew for Christmas…in a crazy first I am actually fairly organised this year.

Considering:  Whether I am going to make it through the adventurethon injury free.  I am sore, and tired, and feel like I am plugging one leaky hole just as another one springs a leak.  Not too bad, just trying to keep the workload up for another week before tapering off a little before race day.

Watching:  First series of Outlander….I am impressed with the casting and just a little hooked.

Hoping:  That we can find a babysitter for the Rio Christmas Party this weekend.  It sucks being so far away from family and friends.

Marvelling:  That the year has gone by so quickly.

Needing:  A decent night’s sleep.  I never sleep well when hubby’s away, and the youngest is the most restless sleeper ever.

Smelling:  The smell of home cooked chicken pies that we had for dinner still lingers in the room

Wearing:  PJ’s.  Kids are in bed, time to relax and have some computer time.  Just waiting for Rod to get home.

Following:  The cricket tragedy with Phillip Hughes passing away after being struck by the ball while batting in a practice match against India.

Noticing:  That my house needs a good spring clean.  Agghhhh….

Knowing:  That the year is nearly done and Christmas is coming!!  I do like a good Christmas season.

Thinking:  That this has been the loneliest year of my life.  It has had many, many high points but it has been tough living so far away from family and friends, especially with the hubby working away as well.  Not that I haven’t met lots of great new people, it just takes time to develop that ease and comfort of old friends.

Feeling:  Inadequate at times.  As the raising of the kids has fallen mainly on me this year, I feel like anything that they are not doing well is on me.  Am I doing enough?  Am I giving them enough?  And then poor hubby comes home and I don’t want to think, or make decisions, and struggle to be everything that he needs.   Anyway, still working on finding that elusive balance in life.

Admiring:  People that seemed to have found that balance in life, and those that are so damn organised!  Not one of my strengths but I do have my moments these days.

Sorting:  Bloody washing.  I am happy cleaning it and hanging it out but I hate folding and putting it away!

Buying:  Final christmas presents.  I am on track this year, wahoo for me.

Getting:  Nervous for this upcoming Adventurethon…I know it is all about adventurethon at the moment, only 2 weeks today and then it will be onto bigger and better things!!

Bookmarking:  Nothing, if I don’t read it straight away I won’t get back to it.  Just saying…

Disliking:  That hubby will not be home for Christmas morning.

Opening:  A new pair of socks, hoping to stop the blisters.

Giggling:  My youngest’s attempt to put suncream on….’Is it rubbed in Mum?’…what to say about his little white face…’aahhh no not quite little man’.

Feeling:  Happy to have a long weekend with Hubby home.

Snacking:  On strawberries, freshly picked from a Strawberry Farm just outside of Perth.


Coveting:  A holiday, would love some time out and would even think of taking my hubby with me. 😉

Wishing:  That money wasn’t an issue.

Helping:  Another mum with juggling the whole working and kindy pick up drama.  Happy to have another little man come and play with Corey after their short day at kindy.

Hearing:  My husband snoring on the lounge beside me…oops better get off the computer!!

Taking Stock is the original idea of the very clever Pip from Meet Me at Mikes – go check out her site – you’ll love it!

Now feel free to copy and paste the prompts into the comments, your next blog post, or even on facebook.  I would love to hear where you are at.

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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