A Weekend in Albany – 7 Things You Should Do

My family and I were recently in Albany for the weekend so that I could compete in my first Adventurethon.  Albany is such a beautiful little town that I thought I would give you my top tips for things you should do if you happen to have a spare weekend.

1.  Drive up Mt Melville to get a good look at Albany from the best vantage point.

The tower at the top of Mt Melville may not be pretty but it was fun to climb and the view was spectacular.

The tower at the top of Mt Melville may not be pretty but it was fun to climb and the view was spectacular.

Mt Melville2 Mt Melville3

2.  Check out Torndirrup National Park – The Gap, Blowholes, and lovely little tucked away beaches.

We didn’t manage to see the gap and blowholes due to a road closure but from all accounts it is worth a visit.  I love a good coastline picture.  While we were in the National Park we headed towards Camp Quaranup and Point Possession.  General public can’t access Camp Quaranup, however there are many inlets to pull into and explore.  The water is a beautiful clear blue against the white sandy beaches and is just stunning.

Definitely couldn't complain about the scenery!

Seashell Alb

There is a lovely 6km walking trail out to Point Possession that meanders past a cairn and has some fantastic views and is well worth lacing up the joggers.  Check out these photos and website for more information.

3.  Stop and take a photo at Dog Rock

Just a big rock in the middle of town....pretty cool though.

Just a big rock in the middle of town that happens to look like a dog…..pretty cool.

4.  Make your way up to Mt Clarence and the Avenue of Honour

Mt Clarence

I didn’t take a lot of photos (slight toileting issue with one of the kids and limited time) so you will have to go and check it out yourself.  It has been beautifully done and is a fitting memorial to all our brave ANZACs.

5.  While up this way also check out Mt Adelaide and the National ANZAC Centre.

National ANZAC Centre

National ANZAC Centre

Mt Adelaide2 Mt Adelaide3

2014 has been a big commemorative year for Albany as it marks 100 years since the first convoy of Australian and New Zealand soldiers set sail for the First World War.  We did a whirlwind visit to Princess Royal Fortress and wish we had a little more time (and a few less kids) to really explore all the history that has been gathered to paint a poignant picture of what it must have been like 100 years ago.

6.  Visit The Brig Amity

This was an amazing replica of the Brig Amity and definitely worth a visit.  Not only can you hop on and explore the deck you can also go below deck and just imagine what it was like when filled with supplies, sailors, and animals.  Really great display and worth the small fee (approx $12 for a family) to tour the boat.

Brig Amity Brig2 Brig1 Brig3

7.  Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

It seemed that everywhere we ate was just delicious.  Here are three places that we tried and can definitely recommend.

Dylan’s on the Terrace

Kate’s Place

Due South

We had a whirlwind tour of Albany and would love to visit again especially in whale spotting season.  There was so much more that I would like to have checked out but glad we stopped by.  We’ll be back Albany…

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