Coral Bay – A Place to Soothe the Soul

We have had this trip to Coral Bay planned for quite a while and the timing could not have been better coming as it did at the end of a bit of a rocky week.  As some of you may be aware, the iron ore prices have been taking a bit of a dive for a while now and we have been waiting somewhat anxiously to see what mining giant Rio Tinto would do to tighten their belts.  Last week was a big week of job cuts, redundancies, cuts in working hours and  pay here in Pannawonica.  It was a bit of a body blow to us with my husband having his hours, and therefore his pay, cut significantly.  You start to wonder whether the sacrifices were worth it, whether you will ever manage to get ahead, whether you will have the resources to provide the kids with all the opportunities you would wish for them in the coming years.  We took the hit and may have staggered for a moment, but at the end of the day hubby still has a good job with some decent perks, he will be home a lot more (which after a year of FIFO we appreciate the value of this), and we have the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful places in Australia in our new backyard. So feeling a little flat, and with thunderstorms and rain rumbling around us not helping the mood,  we headed off to  enjoy our weekend in Coral Bay and have fun with some new and some old friends.

Wishing the storm clouds away for the weekend.

Wishing the storm clouds away for the weekend.

After just over 4 hours on the road and arriving just before sunset, Coral Bay welcomed us with open arms.  Problems? What problems?  Ahhhh….so beautiful. It took the kids about 5 minutes flat to hit that water from arrival.

We stayed at Ningaloo Reef Resort, the rooms were comfortable and had views of the beach.  More importantly the beach and the reef were literally a walk across the road.  The caravan park next door looked pretty fantastic as well and we would probably stay there next time we visit…because there will be a next time!  This time round we stayed pretty close to home as there is plenty to do right off the doorstep.

It really was a wonderful weekend away and even just snorkelling off the beach we were able to see many fish, a big groper, a manta ray, some big clams, and so much beautiful coral.  We spotted lots of crabs on the beach and even an octopus at the boat ramp too.  Next time we visit we will have to book in for a tour to see if we can spot some Whalesharks, Turtles, Manta Rays and lots more marine life. This weekend was the perfect reminder that life is about making the most of our moments.  Endless days at the beach, kids laughter and excitement in each new discovery, good food, wine, and company,  and dragging tired but happy, sandy kids home from the beach at sunset only to fall exhausted into bed at the end of each day….what more does a girl need?

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