Weigh Ins and Workouts – Week 3

The focus was on eating well this week and stepping up the intensity and weights during training this week.  For the most part we have done this well, however this week we had a very exciting Ladies Night in Pannawonica.  As you can imagine there is not a lot of night life in this little town, and very little excuse to dress up and get some heels on (thongs being standard dress code here for everyone and for everywhere), so when there is a night organised for the ladies involving cocktail dresses, high heels, Song Star, and possibly a “little” alcohol, what’s a girl to do?  I was fairly well behaved, that may have been more to do with the First Aid Course I had the next day starting at 8am as well as my very real fear that any singing I tried to do under the influence may have set all the dogs in the town to howling with me, then with any great restraint on my part.  My lips are sealed on whether ‘Wayne’ may have overindulged…… One thing ‘Wayne’ does well is that she is not afraid to push herself with weights and training.  She has not hesitated to do everything I have asked without question and the results will follow.  The tip this week for ‘Wayne’ was to ensure that technique is maintained when increasing the weights.  If the technique starts falling off it is time to stop, rest, and reset to neutral posture.  The general rule of thumb for our training that I have been recommending to ‘Wayne’ is that if she hits 15 reps the load is too light, but if she can’t get more than 6 reps without losing technique the load is too heavy. Before I let you know the results for this week here is a quick summary of the weeks training.


Monday – Morning was a quick 25 minute, high intensity, cardio session followed by a session on the foam roller to address some tight areas ‘Wayne’ has.  If you want to know more about how to use a foam roller, check out my previous post on this. Afternoon – 100 Club.  Ding, ding, ding, I managed to complete the 100 reps for all exercises, Yay!!  Will increase the weights where I can next week.

Tuesday – 15 minutes warm up, Upper Body Program.  [Lat P/Down, Seated Row, KB rotate/rack/press, Lateral raises, Bench Press, Chest Flies, Plank.] Afternoon – Run with kids 3km

Wednesday – 4km walk around town/Rest day.

Thursday – Circuit/strength class 45 minutes. Heavy on the legs.

Friday – 15minutes warm/up and intervals, Upper Body Program as on Tuesday, finished with another 15minutes of cross trainer intervals, in preparation for our night out.

Saturday – Run with kids, 3.3km.  Late gym session, 3km treadmill run, 15km bike (hill climb intervals for 15mins of it), 2km row.

Sunday – Short MTB ride and 45min Yoga session.

All right so stats for this week:

I was down 0.2kg and 3.5%BF.  Total lost overall:  Lost 1.7kg and 8.5%BF

NB.  I will just say that we had a little trouble with the scales, first reading seemed to be way off and on a different set of scales, so we grabbed the scales that were used last week and results seemed a little more realistic.  I will be interested to see what next week brings and look to this weeks results with a grain of salt.  Just a reminder to keep everything consistent on weigh in day if you are watching the scales.

‘Wayne’ managed to stay the same with weight and BF% which is not so bad given a certain ladies night out that I won’t mention. 😉 Total lost overall:  Body weight is the same but has lost 3.3%BF.  (Just as a comparison, the average body fat % lost so far per person for this challenge is 1.3%, so we are both going OK) Foundations are being laid and I am expecting a big finish at the end for ‘Wayne’.  Watch this space…..


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