Workouts and Weigh Ins – Week 5

Little behind schedule for this update and I apologise that I am a little haphazard with my blogging of late.  I’m afraid the blogging will probably continue to be a bit all over the place until I finish all my study stuff due mid May to end of June.  Its also school holidays and I tend to find that I can’t hold an intelligent thought in my head when the kids are home 24/7, all the available brain space seems to be taken up in sorting out frequent debates over who’s turn it is, whether someone can have this, why someone can’t have that, working out how many kids in the house are actually mine and trying to work out where the other kids came from??  I love my kids, but geez they can be hard work sometimes!!

So keeping this update brief and to the point, here is this week in Workouts….

Week 5

Monday – All assignments marked and sent back in the morning so this day was the return to normal exercise.  Kicked it off with 100 Club but it was the start of a new month which meant new exercises.  First one is always tough.  100 Skullcrushers, 100 KB Squat to Overhead lifts, 100 Core Rotations using the Torsonator (new toy), 100 Fitball jack knives, 100 Front Squats (barbell), 100 Med Ball V-Sits (modified version for me on this one), and 100 lengths of the gym.  Managed to hit 100 on a few of these out but it will be tough to break the 100’s for all of them.

Did a bit of swim coaching in the afternoon.

Tuesday – Strength Program at the Gym with ‘Wayne’ in the morning. (Bench Press, Chest flyes and KB rack and press, Lat P/Down and Bent over Rows, Leg Ext and Alt Lunges(barbell).

Time trials for swimming club and club break up in the afternoon.

Wednesday – Walk and rest day.

Thursday – Boxing class followed by 2km run and 2km row.   Kids on holiday and hubby still away……..arrrrggghhh.

Running with the kids in the afternoon followed by a swim.

Friday – Afternoon 100 Club with four boys tagging much fun.  Managed to hit 100 for all the strength exercises but didn’t do many lengths of the gym.

Saturday – 1 hour cardio (Spin bike hills and cross trainer combo)

Sunday – Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…Happy Easter Everyone.  Run in the afternoon with the kiddos.

Weigh In….

The scales did me no favours this week.  My weight was up 0.6kg and body fat % was unchanged, as in still up the 6% from last week.  I’m a little dispirited with the scales and it is one of the reasons that I hate to rely on them.  I just feel that all the work and effort with eating well is not doing anything so why try so hard??  I’m sure anyone who has stood on the scales and not had their work reflected by the numbers has had these thoughts.  Really, really frustrated.  It has taken me a few days and a little easter chocolate binge to get my head back in gear and shake off the defeatist attitude.  My body is still toning and changing so I am happy with that.  There are a few reasons to explain away these results but if I am completely honest the diet is not quite where it needs to be so I really can’t expect the results I want if the eating isn’t on track.

Total to date:

Weight – Down 1.8kg and 1%BF lost (going backwards need to turn this train wreck around)

‘Wayne’ is continuing to head in the right direction with another great week this week.  Her weight was down a further 0.3kg and BF% down a further 0.9% which is fantastic in one week.

Total to date:

Weight – Down 2.3kg and 3.9%BF lost.

We are working our way through the classes on the timetable this week and this tail end of the week is going to be tough.  Well I am off to suck it up for our second class of the day….ahhh wish me luck!!


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