Weigh Ins and Workouts – Week 6

Just a very brief update on my Week 6 weigh in results as you can read all about my week in workouts in this post on Rockin’ the Timetable.  The lessons learnt from this week include the reminder that you can’t out exercise a bad diet!  I had quite a physical week with 8 classes and 3 runs but my eating was terrible.  Lots of Easter chocolate and a lot more carbs than I needed.  That’s the problem with a lot of cardio vs strength work as the cardio tends to make you hungry, increasing the tendency to overeat.

I am actually quite happy with my results this week, they weren’t spectacular but I think it bodes well for a strong finish in the next two weeks.

Weight remained the same this week but Body Fat% was down 1%.

Total lost:  1.8kg lost and 2%BF lost.

Why am I so happy with that you may ask?  After finishing the timetable challenge I had a lot of muscle soreness, typically a result of challenging the body and tearing muscle fibers leading to an increase in muscle mass.  The whole point of strength training really.  My theory is that I would have held on to a little fluid on a cellular level as my body was adapting to the stress I had placed it under during the week.  My problem knee was a little swollen as well with the increase in high impact activities in the classes but this usually settles with a little rest.  So I am hopeful that with a return to a better balanced workout week and better eating, I should have some good movement on the scales this week.  Watch this space to see if I am correct…..;)

I am really impressed with my training partner, ‘Wayne’, as her numbers are continuing to drop and her weight loss to date is really quite respectable.

This week she dropped another 0.3kg but BF% was up 0.2% which is neither here nor there.

Total lost: 2.6kg and 3.7%BF

Two weeks left of this challenge and we are far from done!!


5 thoughts on “Weigh Ins and Workouts – Week 6

  1. Look at you go! You are such an inspiration. I’m starting Michelle Bridges 12WBT in May. I cannot wait. Easter got the better of me & I’m still feeling it. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know Anita, Easter definitely got the better of me as well…love easter eggs. Back to the grind. I am a bit of a Michelle Bridges fan so I will be interested to see how you go with the 12WBT, it looks great!


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