Progress on the Current Hitlist and a Belated Happy 1 year Blogiversary to Me!

Where has this year gone?  The last few weeks have just flown by, especially with starting a new job, school holidays, and my husband is back at home after another three month FIFO stint.  (Have I mentioned how much I dislike the FIFO lifestyle?)  Now everything is back on even keel and I have found a precarious, but awesome, balance to my life for now.  I have found a moment of down time and decided to do a quick post to update you all on my progress through my current hitlist.

Walking Tank Hill was the first one off the list, not a very difficult or time consuming task, just something that I wanted to do.  It was one of those little side trips that we often don’t make time for because they seem hardly worth the effort.  But they are worth it.  These are the little challenges that help change your thinking from ‘I should try it’ to “When can I do it?’.  A very important step in the ‘Getting Shit Done’ continuum.  You want to know why else little challenges like this are awesome?  Not only did I do something I never have before, I dragged a friend along with me, had a good old chat, solved the worlds problems, and completed my exercise for the day with an awesome view!  Helllooo? Why wouldn’t you get out and do something like this?

Next up, Yaburara Heritage Trail.  This was a 3.5km hike in Karratha that the whole family completed.  This was a really scenic trail from Karratha Leisureplex to the Visitor Centre and I am glad we made the time to complete it.  The only trouble with this hike was that if you didn’t want to do a 7km return trip you have to juggle a little with cars.  I decided that I would walk the majority of the trail with the family and when we got to the last hill I would jog back and drive the car round to the end of the trail.  This was all good in theory and would have been the perfect plan except I ran half way back before I realised I had forgotten to grab the keys off my husband…I think the wildlife heard some colourful language as I ran back to catch up with them again!  Oh well, all’s well that end’s well.

The kids enjoyed the first half of the walk but were a little over it by the end.  Again, I don’t show them much sympathy as I really don’t think that I am asking too much of them.  It took them just under an hour to do the walk, and yes there were some steep climbs, but at the end of the day it is no more than the recommended Guidelines for Physical Activity in Children. It is all about balance, the kids were able to decide how we spent the rest of our day which ended up involving a guilt free fish and chip lunch and a long, lazy afternoon at the beach in Point Samson.

The other item of note snuck up on me before I even knew it….my little blog has been ticking over for a year!!  I have really enjoyed sharing all my experiences and it has definitely kept me accountable.  I love that I have a record of my journey and that one day the kids may be able to read back over the posts, remember what we got up to and understand a little more about what made me tick.  It has been quite a big year, I have hiked some great trails, climbed some mountains, been to many great swimming holes, started running again and completed my first 8km run along the cliff tops of Kalbarri.  My biggest achievements over the year would have to include learning to kayak, completing my first Enduro Adventurethon, and running the Mothers Day Classic with my husband and four kids.  So many great moments and I am excited for many more adventures to come.

2 thoughts on “Progress on the Current Hitlist and a Belated Happy 1 year Blogiversary to Me!

  1. Congratulations Beth. You have had a great year. It is really great to be able to record those activities. Many years down the road, you will be saying, “Wow, I actually did that” Congratulations on the Yaburara Trail. Great pictures. Looks like you had a bigger workout than you anticipated. 🙂
    Looking forward to your year #2!! 🙂

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