FebFast 2016 – Come Join Me!

The start of a new year for me always lends itself to setting new goals of some kind.  I always find myself reviewing the year just gone and deciding on areas that need improving.  2015 was another big year for my family starting with celebrating a 10 year wedding anniversary, a Queensland holiday, a move from Perth to Pannawonica, a new job, completing a few hitlists, and visits to Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Karijini, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Bali.  On the downside I have been a little too relaxed with food and exercise over the last few months and unfortunately I am feeling the effects.  The scales aren’t being too kind either……

Ok if I didn’t already feel a little sluggish and blergh, the scales did tip me over the edge.  I am determined to make some changes to my health and get back on track.  So the first order of business this year, while I catch up on some blog posts, is to kick some bad habits.  It is so tempting to jump on the quick fix bandwagon, especially at this time of year where good intentions are high and advertising companies know we are vulnerable.  There are so many special diet plans and magic weight loss supplements all promising success, that it can be easy to spend money on the dream.  I have to admit I look every year for something to help make weight loss easier, but every year I come to the same conclusion.  We all have the tools at our fingertips to lose weight we just need to find the willpower necessary to make the changes.  That is the difficult part and you need to find it regardless of whether you have spent money or not.

First step for me is obvious.  Chocolate is my nemesis.  Moderation is not a word I know well when it comes to chocolate and I know it is an all or nothing approach for me initially.  While I don’t drink a lot of alcohol my intake is something that has crept up over the last couple of months and I figure it won’t hurt to cut that out for a period either.  Enter Febfast.  I have heard of Febfast often in the past and thought it was just a tagline to promote better health.  Little did I know……

“Since 2007, febfasters have enjoyed thousands of sugar and alcohol free days, saving money, losing weight, improving energy levels, sleeping better and feeling much, much happier! In this time they’ve also supported thousands of young people across Australia faced with serious disadvantage to access the support services and resources they need. When you sign up for febfast, you’ll join a community of thousands. And, as a registered febfaster, we’ll send you exclusive recipes, meal plans, advice and of course, inspiring memes to get you through the month!”

febfast image

I love the concept, love that it supports a good cause, and think its achievable.  One month off chocolate and alcohol, can’t be too hard right??

For the month of February I will be going alcohol and chocolate free.  I will be checking in daily over on my Exercise Hitlist Facebook page to document my journey and be accountable.  I would love as many people as possible joining me simply by commenting on my Febfast posts.  Tell me what you are giving up and how your journey is going.  Come and help a girl out!

Don’t forget to register or donate over on the Febfast website if you can.

Be Like Beth

There is no pressure to register or donate but I donated for a couple of reasons.  For one, it is for a good cause and secondly, I feel that by making a donation I have made a commitment to last the month without chocolate and alcohol.

Time to suck it up….



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