Hitlist No.6

Its been nearly six months since I last posted a hitlist….I know completely slack.  I even had to search back to review my last one and see what number hitlist I was up to.  Who remembers this one?  Obviously my standard was dropping even then, I couldn’t even be bothered typing it up!!


On the plus side, I did manage to complete all of these items so all is not lost.  Need photographic evidence?  Yeah, I wouldn’t trust me either.

  1. Three Sisters Walk

    The beautiful Three Sisters. I cannot believe how busy this attraction was in the Blue Mountains. So many people, especially in the afternoon. We ended up coming back to do this walk early in the morning to beat the crowds.


    If you look closely at the first picture you can see the walkway that leads to this point right under the Three Sisters.

  2. Echo Point to Scenic World

    Its not a successful hitlist item until you have dragged half your extended family along with you!


    Hello creaky knees….going down, down, down. There were a lot of stairs, glad I was going down….I think.


    Such a beautiful walk.


    I would probably have to rate this as my favourite walk yet.


    Big call, but come on it had a waterfall too!

  3. Jenolan Caves

    Jenolan Caves, what a hidden gem. You literally drive in under the mountain and cave systems. Very cool.


    Self guided tour.


    As we had to cater from age 5 through to age 75, we chose to complete the Lucas Cave tour. There are a lot of stairs at the start but then the tour is quite manageable with lots of rest stops.  Would love to have seen more of the different caves.


    You must try the short walk around The Blue Lagoon. Spectacular.

  4. Illawarra Coastal Drive


    Check out the blog post I’ve written about this one, yep I do write posts occasionally.

  5. Trail/Walk Wollongong region


    Wollongong Botanical Gardens.  Ok, I did have plans to complete a more hard core trail but was rained out at the last minute so this will have to count for something. It is a pretty great location to spend the afternoon and we did walk there and back, totally counts.

  6. FebFast – 30 Day Exercise and Eating Well Challenge


    Not a complete success but I did manage to go chocolate free for the month and only drank on two occasions.  Progress not perfection. 

  7. Mountain Bike Ride around Panna


    Totally nailed this one. 

  8. Register for a new Fitness Event

I registered for the very first Mothers Day Classic in Pannawonica so this one can be ticked off too.

Now you believe that I completed the last hitlist, I can present my 6th list.  I think this may be one of my most ambitious hitlists yet with lots of big ticket items.

Hitlist 6 edit

Wish me luck!!  Did I mention I don’t run?

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