Hitlist Rules

The Exercise Hitlist is aimed at anyone who struggles to get started with exercise and for anyone who gets a little too comfortable in their everyday routines.  The Hitlist developed when I was tired of thinking about finding the local walking trails  that I had heard about but never done, tired of dreaming about entering a mountain bike event, and tired of not getting out and exploring all the beautiful spots on my doorstep.  So I sat down and wrote a list of 10 items that I had been thinking about completing and the goal was to finish the whole list in 12 weeks.  Some items were easy to complete, some took a little more planning, and I had one bigger, scarier goal that was way out of my comfort zone, generally took the longest, and was my motivation to build my fitness over the three month period.  The Hitlist was born and was a chance to put all those thoughts into action!!


  • Set a timeframe – 10-12weeks works well, too long and it is easy to lose focus, too short may put too much pressure to complete tasks.
  • Write down your list – Make sure the majority of the tasks are easily achieveable.  Nothing kills the mojo quicker than feeling like a failure.
  • Place the list somewhere that will be in your face every day – The fridge is always a good choice, but think about placing it on the wall of your workstation or anywhere where it will be frequently visible to remind you of those little goals.
  • Cross it off as you complete each task – Everyone loves to cross stuff off a list it makes us feel good.  I find picking  one item a week is a  good way to keep the momentum going.
  • Just get it done and have fun with it!

Before starting your very first public hitlist, I want to make sure everyone knows to set each item to suit your ability.  If you have not exercised for a while, have an injury, or are at all unsure about completing any tasks take the time to review with a health professional.   Here is a pre exercise questionaire that everyone should complete before getting started.

I am a mother of four boys with a FIFO husband and this blog is a chance for me to be accountable and hopefully inspire others to enjoy exercise and enjoy all that your local area can offer.  What are you waiting for?  Come with me…



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