Weigh Ins and Workouts – Week 4

Hhhhhuuuuuuuggghhhhh!!!  Ok that’s me taking a huge breath after a really busy couple of days (you try working out how to write down the sound of a big breath??).  Basically, everything you shouldn’t do when trying to lose weight or just before a weigh in I have done over the last 3 days.  I haven’t exercised, I haven’t had a lot of sleep, I have been skipping meals, I’m hormonal, I ate chocolate cake, drank wine, didn’t drink much water, and ate a big, salty, dinner of bacon and eggs the night before weigh in because I had no other food in the house.  Yay me!  My days of chaos started with a last minute request from a Uni back home to do some assignment marking for their little baby Exercise Physiologists.  I was excited to be asked and happy to do it.  You know that saying, ‘Your eyes are bigger than your stomach’?  Well I tend to have that problem in regard to work (as well as the food problem too) where I start saying yes to all these things because I really want to do them and then I am left scrambling to make deadlines! lol  I have recently started participating in a subject at Uni of Tasmania, enrolled in an online course for Better Breathing (run by a physio experienced in training athletes in more efficient breathing techniques and at the other end of the spectrum working with those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases), and accepted the secretary position for the swimming club.

This week was a little more exciting than usual as the Hubby was running a Junior Rugby League skills session for the first time, we had a Parent Teacher Meeting, and we had the Twin’s 7th Birthday on Friday too.  I somehow thought it would be a good idea to let them have a few kids over for a movie night.  Turns out a few kids for one, a few kids for the other, and a couple to keep the big boy happy turns into 14 boys over for a Boys Night In!!  And then it rained in Panna (Who knew it rained here??).  Next thing I knew, I have a million kids running up and down my hallways screaming at the top of their voices about a Zombie raid or some such thing.   So you can imagine the state of my house after this invasion, but not only that, the hubby flew out early the next morning to visit his family in Wollongong so I was left with the kids, the mess, and 20 more assignments to mark in two days!!!  Needless to say the assignments took priority and I am sure my kids were there somewhere amongst the mess.

Image credit

Anyway my point is, sometimes things don’t go to plan and I was feeling like a hot, porky mess and sure that all my good work had been undone.  In the grand scheme of things it was three bad days and this does not negate four weeks of good behaviour.  I wasn’t going to weigh in as I didn’t want to be disappointed in the results and have them confirm (via numbers) that I had lost any progress I had managed to chip away at and achieve.  But then I got curious….and I wanted to prove the point that the scales aren’t the be all and end all of this journey.  The scales would possibly tell me that I haven’t lost any weight in 4 weeks (according to the numbers), that my body fat had increased, and that 4 weeks of hard work meant nothing as the numbers on that scale hadn’t changed!  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it??  It tells me nothing about the fact that I feel better, have more energy, am stronger and fitter, and am convinced I look better in my underwear (especially when I suck the belly in)!! 😉

Too much information I know, moving on…..here is the week in workouts:

Monday:  100 Club – managed to complete the 100 reps across the board and quicker than last week too!  Also backed up in the afternoon and made it to a ‘Burn’ class which was a 30min abs and core workout.

Tuesday:  10 x 30sec sprints and Whole body strength workout (Bench Press, Flies and KB rotate,rack and press, bent over rows and lat pulldowns, leg extensions and low squats).  Backed up in the afternoon with the kids for a 3km interval jog.

Wednesday:  4km walk/rest day.

Thursday:  Boxing class in the morning.

Friday:  This is where the good stuff ends…….Nothing.

Saturday:  Nothing…….

Sunday:  Nothing……..

Poor ‘Wayne’ also had a bit of a topsy turvy week.  The body was telling her to back off and give it a chance to catch up.  You have to listen to the body at times and give it what it needs.  So her early week was a bit lighter, backed off the strength and did lower intensity cardio instead.  By the end of the week ‘Wayne’ was starting to bounce back and feel better than ever.

Weigh In Results:

This week we had different scales as the one we had been using in previous weeks died a natural death.  I managed to lose 0.9kg this week, but gained 6% BF??  Hmmmm, I’m a little sceptical as to the accuracy of scales, so many variables.  I had taken limited water water the few days prior to weigh in and the instructor advised that this can play a big factor in the body fat reading.  I think the weight loss for me was possibly a little because of dehydration.

Total to date:  Down 2.4kg and 1%BF    Oh well, we will see what next week brings.

‘Wayne’ had a great week this week….down 2kg!! and 0% BF.  Again the scales may play a little part in no BF changes.

Total to date:  Down 2kg and 3%BF.

Most exciting for me are the changes for ‘Wayne’ in her attitude, fitness, and body awareness.  She advised this week that she is just starting to feel capable of doing this.  From wondering ‘when the session was going to end’ in the very first week (I thought I was being gentle on her, hehe) to knowing she can complete it and even looking forward to it.  ‘Wayne’ was comfortable and motivated to go on her own over the last few days when I couldn’t make it, and stated she even felt she could put together a workout!!  Yay for progress in any form.  ‘Wayne’ is starting to move better and train with purpose.  Its happening, she’s joining the club and will love exercise and the way it makes her feel by the time I am done with her and its exciting!!

Remember, don’t let the scales define your journey!

The Overland Track Tasmania (Guest Post) – Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet start with this post, but for everyone else Katie’s story continues…..

Day 02 – Waterfall Valley to Windermere

Well … we woke up this morning to some beautiful blue sky!! Big Yay!!!  So at least we got some glimpses back towards Cradle Mountain and Barns Bluff.

Lake Will

Day 02 was one of the smallest distances to hike with a side trip to Lake Will.

I think Ange was really in her element today … she seemed to have really found her stride and enjoyed the walk.  Me … not so much … I think my body was just so fatigued from the day before that I struggled to find my rhythm.

Everything was still very very wet from the day before however at least we got to see some of the beautiful surroundings of the area. We did do the little side hike to Lake Will for lunch with views back to Barn Bluff – it was lovely just sitting there on a little sandy beach in mountains.

Today’s hut was down by Lake Windermere which was beautiful. We went for a walk down to the lake to soak our feet in the water! Believe me … it was definitely a wee bit cold! Got a cramp in the calf straight away! Brrrr but oh so nice on the feet!!

And today was the day I got to see my first ever Wombat in the wild!! YAY!!! So awesome!! We were walking along and heard a branch crack, making us look over and there is a Wombat frozen with stage fright half way over a log! Cutest thing ever – two front paws up and shy face poking over!!


Day 03 – Windermere to Kia Ora

Longest of the day hikes – think it was about 18km?


I really enjoyed this day, the body was feeling great, I was feeling more energised, the bag was sitting just right, there was better padding on my shoulders (where the bag had been rubbing on my collar bones) … I had finally found my rhythm!! Big YAY!!!

It was a beautiful day and we walked through sooo many different types of environments! Open grass lands, open plains, forests and rainforests, on boardwalks, natural rock, flats and the main the challenge for the day … there was a massive stretch in the forest where it was just a big old mud slush!

Thank goodness for my hiking poles … it was a lot of hopping and a major balancing act from slippery root to slippery root to attempt to miss the slush in between.  I swear this area took twice as long as it should have. Did have a bit of slide at one stage there … bam … down on my knee before I knew it …  no damage done but there was a bit of laughing on how to get back up with a pack on your back – he he … the unexpected challenges we came across!!!

Oh yeah … today is Christmas Day!! Merry Christmas!!

We settled in at the hut (which was a lovely hut) to have our deliciously savoured dehydrated Roast Chicken Christmas Dinner  …. m… mmmm!! How amazing it was too … salty goodness… which was actually all my body was craving!!  Oh … yeah…. we had also come prepared and trekked with some delicious “Vino” to compliment our nightly dinners in style (best decision ever). We totally lived it up on Christmas Night sharing a Christmas pudding with some new friends in exchange for our delicious Rum Balls and Macadamia and Ginger nut balls we had made for ourselves!!

Kia Ora Hut

Day 04 – Kia Ora to Bert Nichols (Windy Ridge)

We woke to a bit of dreary wet morning – not much you can do about the weather so you just wet weather gear it up and head off!! Woohoo!!!!

So today is Mount Ossa day – The highest Peak in Tasmania. The first part of the day is heading up to Pelion Gap where they have a little area to drop off your big packs so you can climb the surrounding mountains.  So we get to the gap and it is pouring … actually it more like sleeting!  It is that bad that some hikers pick up their bags and keep heading to the next hut!

Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge 2

So… the little guide book (that we were sent to “guide us”) tells you that “you should not attempt to climb Mt Ossa if there weather is bad”…. so what did we sensibly decided to do? Yes Of course … you guessed it….  we didn’t come all this way and get this close not to give it a go! What have we got to lose … if it gets too bad we will just come back down!! Meh!! Easy!!!

So I am not sure how you defined when the weather gets too bad? Is it the point when I stick out my tongue to catch the snow? Nah … of course not … but that was totally awesome!! Nothing like being committed to the cause!

We passed 3 guys coming down the mountain (the only 3 other people who attempted Mt Ossa that day) and they told us that it was just blanketed in cloud and they couldn’t see anything! Ah… shame … but still we were here already so we may as well see what can see when we get there!! So up we go … it is a lot of rock scrabbling  … and as we started to get higher and higher the nerves started to get a little shot! But as we were up there and just about on the way down we had a miraculous moment where the clouds cleared from around us and the sun came out to shine on us!

Wowz … the view that came out … so dramatically spectacular!! It was one of my favourite moments – sitting on top of the world (or Tasmania) and just watching the world below you!! What an achievement!!! Yay for us!!

Mt Ossa

When we got back down to our big packs we decided to have a celebratory cup of tea whilst enjoying the brief rays of sunshine, as it wasn’t long before a shower came across to get us on our way again. Fortunately it didn’t last long – by the time we were at the huts it was sunshine again so decided that tonight was the night that I would camp!! Woohoo for me!!


So it turned out to be the coldest night EVER!!! I had 2 thermals on, + outers, + thermal sleeping liner + beanie, gloves, socks – all the normals, I was tucked in my sleeping bag pulled over my head with only a small breathing hole out the side. Yup I know…. style all the way but I made it through the night!!

Day 05 – Bert Nichols to Narcissus

I think we were both a little fatigued on Day 04 as it had been a 4 hour return trip up My Ossa + 2 hours before and 2 hours to the next hut.  The body was definitely not quite feeling quite at its peak, but we still pushed on.  Along the track today was one of the originally built huts (all made by hand) as well as a few side trips to see some beautiful waterfalls.


Both of us were keen to push on today and enjoy some rest time at the hut (which was amazing – newest hut of the whole walk and we felt like were back in civilisation)

Day 06 – Narcissus to Lake St Clair Visitor Centre

Last day – Downhill run to the end.

We started early today as we had pre-booked a ferry ride across Lake St Clair at midday.

I really enjoyed the track today – it wasn’t so “Alpine” environment and actually reminded me a lot of South-East Queensland.  And would you believe it…. there was not a damn cloud in the sky!! It was the most beautiful day you could have ever wished for!! (Stark contrast to Day 01 – look at that sky)


The walk was amazing and as we rode the ferry to the Lake St Clair centre you could look back into the dramatic mountains and be amazed at how far we had come.

Lake St Claire


The hike was probably one of the most challenging adventures I have been on, but it was definitely rewarding and I am super proud of myself (and Ange)!!! I look back and remember all those little experiences that came together to be one my best adventures yet. I feel an amazing sense of achievement and can’t wait till my next big adventure!

Shout out to everyone ….

PS. Also have to say a huge Thank-you to my amazing adventure friend Ange!! Can’t wait till our next one!!

Just in case anyone wants to get any more information on the Overland Track head to this website.

Thank you Katie for doing such a great write up and sharing the adventure with us!


The Overland Track Tasmania (Guest Post) – Part 1

So many adventures in this big, wide, world and just never enough time to do them all.  Sometimes a girl just needs to outsource some adventures, so when I heard a couple of my oldest friends were planning for a Christmas/New Year’s adventure in Tasmania I gleefully waited for all the details and photos from their hike and decided that I just had to share it on the blog.  This would have to be one of the great walks in Australia and after reading this adventure I have to admit that I am just itching to do it myself.  I will let my friend Katie tell the story in her words, it is a great read…..

Our ADVENTURE  – The Overland Track, Tasmania

So I can’t remember how it actually went down … but let’s say it was something like this…

Ange/Katie – Lets do something for Christmas holidays.

Ange – I have always wanted to the Overland Track in Tassie

Katie – I have never done an overnight hike before … I’d been keen!

Ange/Katie – Ok – let’s lock it in. Maybe we should do some research.

Yup – that’s right … COMMIT before you do your research!!

So the flights and the track was all locked in mid 2014 (pretty proud of how organised we were), with details to be finalised later when we had done some of our research on what else we would do whilst down in Tassie. But for now it was all about what gear I would need for the trek and the all important “training”!!! So working around Ange and my life schedules we booked in 3 weekends to head out and about to get some kilometres behind us and to get some practice in with some loaded up backpacks (which we assumed would be our biggest issue).

So…. even after all that planning … we successfully achieved a whole “1” of our scheduled training weekends! Yup … nothing like some solid training … he he! Look … we did fit a couple of day hikes in as well, but I tell you what….  in hindsight it would have been really beneficial to do a few more hikes WITH that bag!!   (All those good intentions)

So … the “1” hike we did fit in was really great as I got to check out the nifty gadgets and gear that Ange has accumulated from her tramping days in New Zealand – which really helped me work out what I would still need to buy. I also got to test out my ability to put up my new fang dangled hiking tent and how well I would sleep on my little (1 inch thick) red hiking mat! Let’s be honest … my expectations weren’t high for this one … but it did the trick!! Thou we did both purchase an inflatable pillow, after that little overnight crink in the neck, we weren’t prepared to do 5 nights without this little luxury!  All in all it was a fabulous little weekend – we did manage to 5km on the Saturday afternoon and 16km on the Sunday (up a hill that just kept going and going)! We were both pretty exhausted but we did realise that we were both pretty prepared mentally and physically to get through the hike.  Our only issue was having some bruised hips from where our bags sat…. we kind of accepted that this will probably be an ongoing problem and that we would have to deal with on the track (and we did have to).

Looking back now … I really enjoyed the researching and the preparation (or lack of if you think of the practice hikes) buying the gear, sorting out logistics, accommodation, food and then the planning of the remainder of our holiday! It really is all about the WHOLE journey!!

At last our adventure begins on the ….

Overland Track

Day 01 – Cradle Mountain to Waterfall Valley

I couldn’t believe the day had arrived and we were sitting on the bus heading from Launceston to Cradle Mountain and the start of the Overland Track – wooohoooo!! Let’s just say … we were both a tinnie einnie bit excited!

It was a little bit of an overcast day, but when we were signing in (you have to sign in at the start, each night at the huts and sign-out at the end as a safety measure – very important J ) the lady who was serving us, said that there had been showers all morning but they continued to pass.  Ok – good last minute helpful tip – right?

So finally, we were down at the start of the track, signed in, wet weather gear on and bag on our backs!! (Damn …what did I pack that made this bag weigh so much????)  Too late to re-think this?? Ah well …  woohoooo …. we are ready to go!! Let’s just have another WOOHOOO!!!

Overland 1

So we had been warned that Day 01 of the hike is the hardest … a lot of ‘up’ …. so it was nice to start the track on a timber board walk to warm up the body! With a little spring in our step … we head off on our adventure!  We had being going for about an hour, past some beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, a little bit of “up”, past a lake, a little bit more “up” till we got to a viewing platform of Dove Lake – which we were lucky to see!! As we were standing there enjoying the view and having a little snack…. the rain started to come down, so the only thing to do was to keep going and yup the next bit was … amazingly… heading on up!!

So this next bit was the big incline up the mountain edge … it is mostly natural steps and yup it is that steep that they have a chain to assist! So if that doesn’t sound challenging enough…. you know that rain that I was telling you about … well it was now really coming down and the wind had started to blow. So we are now scaling the side of the mountain, there is water cascading (I kid you not) down the rocks we are climbing and the wind is howling around us. Oh yeah…. did you remember we have 20+ kg on our back … don’t worry I was not forgetting!!! J  It made the mountain feel endless!! Dam how high is this mountain and when is the rain going to stop!!! It was somewhere around this point that I started to have a little battle in my head…. it went a little like this … WHAT THE &^$* have I done!!! This was punishing … if the vertical climb of the mountain wasn’t bad enough and the body starting to feeling  fatigued with all the leg muscles working overtime … I was really questioning what I had got myself into – I didn’t sign up for this… right? Then the old “what if” jumped in to that crazy head of mine…. what if there is another mountain (really soon), what if this weather sets in for the next 5 days, what if I don’t make it to the end …. so – if I am going to turn around – now is definitely the time to do it, when I get home I’m going to become a couch potato and live through the adventures shown on TV!! Then it did a flip…. OK…. “suck it up cupcake”…. it’s a bit tough right now but  you can totally do this, this is what you live for, this is an amazing adventure and you are on it, you love to achieve things big and small AND  you have Ange right there next to you and together we can survive ABSOLUTELY anything!!

So what did we do…. we got to the top of that damn mountain and just kept walking!  Yep so things are sounding better but let’s get back to this rain … yup it is still pouring down and … now…. my dam sock is WET … crap… how do I keep that dry? WTF…. is that going to rub? Am I going to get Blisters? Oh man … Wrinkled feet?

Seriously, my head is my own worst enemy!

Well, that darn wind was still blowing a gale … so much that it actually blew me off the track a couple of times. The strategy was that when the wind blows you lean into it but when it stops suddenly you over balance, and vice versa when you are not ready for it…. bam … see you later. We were engulfed in clouds – they were whizzing past us, up and over the landscape but we couldn’t see more than 10 metres or so in front of us! It was like we kept walking into an endless landscape of cloud! Ange and I could not even talk to each other without stopping as the wind was howling and just took the words away with it.

Finally, we came across the “half way” emergency hut  …  can you believe we are only half way…. on the first day?  Yup … me neither!! We were pretty lucky that a big group had just left the hut when we got there so we had it all to ourselves (we may not have fit otherwise)! It was just so nice to get out of the rain, and the wind, and to drop those packs off our backs!! I knew I needed to have a bite to eat but the hands were so cold that they just did not want to work properly (who knew zippers were going to be so hard) as well as feeling lethargic enough not to want to eat!!  But this body definitely needed an energy boost!!

Both of us were so wet that we got cold really quickly in the hut so we decided that it was best to get back out there in those extreme elements and make it to the Waterfall Valley Hut as soon as possible!!   So off we tramp … the walk goes on for another couple of hours under the same circumstances – rain, wind and a 10m visual in the clouds!  Not being able to see far in front of you also made the trek feel endless, you could not even use a land mark to mark how far you were travelling! So it really just felt like it went on and on and on … We caught a small glimpse of Cradle Mountain in between the clouds but were very unfortunate not to see it in its glory or the supposed spectacular landscape of that first day!!

Finally we came across a sign that said “Waterfall Valley Hut – 30 minutes”!! Yups – we both got pretty excited about that sign!! It was here that my backpacks rain cover came off again and Ange came over to fix it up for me, when she says…. “where is your red bag?”  KT – “what do you mean where is my red bag”, Ange – “it’s not on your bag anymore”, KT – “are you serious … WTF!!!”  And you thought we were going through enough already …  so….  my red bag is my sleeping mat (you know the 1 inch thick one that was my nightly saviour)…. well it is no longer attached to my bag!! I didn’t hear anything drop from my bag because of the rain on my jacket hoodie and the howling wind!  I looked backed along the track … and new that I did not have strength to head back to look for it … it could have been any time in the last 1 and half … so decided to just head on! Oh crap…. here comes my head again … oh  man … I now have 5 nights sleeping on the hard floor/ground, oh man … if I wasn’t going to be tired and grumpy before – I definitely am going to be now!!  Then the little glimmer of hope …  I could see if I can double back in the morning with hopefully better weather and without my big bag.

Ah well … will leave that decision till tomorrow … so what did we do … just kept on walking!! We totally think that they had the timing wrong on that sign as it felt like sooooo much longer than 30 minutes and that last bit was heading down hill … which you would think was a good thing but the body was in hurting mode and nothing was enjoyable at this stage! We both just wanted to get there!!

Waterfall Valley Hut

Finally, finally, finally we arrived at the hut – wet, bedraggled, exhausted, freezing (all our inners were soaked through) but oh so relieved!! We were lucky that there were a couple of spaces available in the hut as we were not in any state to go and put our tent up in that weather!  So after a change of clothes and an attempt to hang our gear up (the hut looked like a laundry) I went to find the hut warden to have a chat about my mat, when I saw another group arriving down the hill!! I waited as they got down the hut and asked the man if he had seen a red bag on the track – expecting to at least get a rough idea of how long it would take me in the morning.  His response was “You mean this bag that I picked up this afternoon!!” We need another WOOOHOOO here … Can you believe it … yup…. he had kindly picked up my mat and tied it onto his bag!! Oh my goodness…. I just wanted to give him the biggest thank-you hug ever!! Oh my … I was just so relieved and happy that I was no longer sleeping on the ground!! So with my matt now back in my possession and a delicious gourmet hiking dinner in our bellies … my adventurous spirit was on the way up again!!  I didn’t have much to compare our first day of our adventure with, but Ange did say that in all the hikes she has ever been on, this was by far the worst weather day she has ever experienced! Thank goodness – we are alive!!

PS – Really didn’t take many photos this today! There was just too much rain to take it out!

Weigh Ins and Workouts

Today marks two weeks into the 8 week Pannawonica Body Fat challenge.  With our trip away last weekend and a cyclone cruising past late this week, my initial two weeks have been far from perfect however progress has still been achieved.  For those that are interested I thought I would document my (and my exercise partner’s) training and progress over the next 8 weeks.  Now for confidentiality reasons I am going to call my training partner ‘Wayne’.  She will laugh at this as it was her kids who sparked this name after an innocent chat during dinner the other night when she suddenly remembered she had ‘weigh in’ the next morning…one child asked ‘Who’s Wayne?” and her other child stated…”I think it is someone she trains with at the gym.”  Everyone had a laugh and now ‘Wayne’ will be the name of my training partner for the sake of the blog.

The purpose of these first two weeks at the gym was to build a foundation of good technique and basic strength and endurance.  ‘Wayne’ and I are doing a mixture of classes and strength training in the gym.  Research has shown that one of the best ways to lose body fat (notice I said body fat and not weight loss, as a common mistake is to cut the calorie intake and hit the cardio which results in great numbers on the scales but often leads to loss in muscle mass, difficulty maintaining this weight loss, and sometimes minimal changes to actual body fat) is to follow a strength protocol and/or add some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  As ‘Wayne’ has not done a lot of this type of training we won’t be following a strict HIIT protocol, more of a vigorous exercise intensity level until we reach a point where technique is solid and fitness/strength allows us to push to the level needed for HIIT.

Obviously a good diet is crucial for any body composition changes to occur and we are both tracking our intake via My Fitness Pal.  In terms of macronutrient breakdown, at this stage I am aiming for a moderate diet of approximately 50% Carbohydrates, 30% Protein, and 20% Fat.  I know, shock horror, the carbohydrate percentage is quite high and flies in the face of the recent push for high protein and low carb diets for weight loss.  For me this works at the moment, I like endurance exercise and will keep it in my training so I find I like a higher carb content in my diet.  I’m also not aiming for a competition bikini body just a better, healthier body so I am not super strict with my diet at this stage.  I may change the ratio if my weight loss stalls, but for now it works.  In terms of diet, the things I am working on at the moment are:

  • Increased water intake >2L + extra during exercise
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Restricting/avoiding chocolates, sweets, and processed food
  • Aiming to have greens at every meal
  • Controlling portion sizes

As I said, not strict, just working on the basics.  I have also agreed with ‘Wayne’ that we have 5 Diet Passes for the 8 week period, where we are able to use them if we have a special dinner or event and want to splurge, or just really have a craving for something.  Everything in moderation and I think it is unrealistic that we can be perfect 100% of the time.  The aim for this is so we don’t feel like anything is forbidden and also to encourage mindful indulgence.  If you are going to indulge make sure it is something you really want otherwise don’t do it.

OK enough rambling, my training for the past two weeks is as follows.  ‘Wayne’ and I train together Mon-Fri with weekends on our own to allow for family commitments and our own individual training interests.

Week One

Monday – 100 Club (Jumping lunges, KB Swings, weighted boxing combo, wall sit with barbell bicep curls, Fitball ‘Y’s’, medicine ball slams, Heel taps, Shuttle runs length of gym) 100 reps of each, any order, any amount of reps at a time in 45mins with a 60sec plank every 5 minutes.  Ouch!

Tuesday – At the gym, upper body focus.  Warm up 5minutes followed by 10-15 spin bike hill climbs, 30sec hard work 30sec easy.  Chest Press, Seated Row, Lat Pulldown, KB rotate rack and press, Knee push ups (tricep or normal depending on ability).  3 sets, 10-15 reps.  Emphasis on JUST getting 10 reps to start, if we reach 15 reps then must increase weights.  Technique, technique, technique.  Intensity may not quite be there initially but it will come down the track.

In the afternoon – training run with the kids

Wednesday – Both feeling a little sore so decided on a 4km recovery walk round town.

Thursday – Boxing Class, 1 hour.

Friday – At the gym, lower body focus. Start body weight only add weights if able.  Squats to sit on a low step (to encourage good range and good technique), Single leg balance exercise (balance exercises are awesome for pelvic/knee/ankle stability as well as body awareness and increased muscle recruitment), Weighted Lunges, KB Swings, Push up position rows.  3 sets, 15 reps (each side if required).

Saturday – Rest Day.  Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking at Coral Bay.

Sunday – 2km Paddle, and 4km beach walk in the afternoon.  Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking at Coral Bay.

RESULTS:  No weigh in for me this week as away in Coral Bay.  ‘Wayne’ lost 0.3kg and 3%BF.  Now initially I had warned that this type of training can be a little slower to show you the love on the scales in kg lost.  The aim is to build some muscle and burn off the unwanted fat.  Muscles grow when challenged and broken down, forcing the body to rally to meet the challenge.  1kg of muscle weighs the same as 1kg of fat BUT takes up only 1/3 of the space which is why we always remind you to look for changes in how your clothes fit and how you feel and not only for what the scales say.

It can be a little disappointing to look at “only” 0.3kg loss but if you look at 3%BF lost in one week, that is amazing!  When I crunched the numbers this 3%BF translates into 2.6kg fat lost of ‘Wayne’s’ total body weight.  We know that body fat is down 2.6kg but the scales only showed 0.3kg overall so we can assume that we managed to build some hard won muscle.  It is a great result.

Week Two

Monday – Drive home from Coral Bay but dragged myself to the gym that night.  4km treadmill run, quick upper body circuit – 15 Bench Press, 15 each side KB rotate, rack and press, 15 Deadlift with bent over rows, and 20 KB swings. 3 times through.

Tuesday – At the gym, lower body.  Warm up then 10 x 30hard/30easy standing hill sprints on spin bike. Squats to low step (weighted), Low lunge hold with kickbacks (focus on good posture and stretching out ‘Wayne’s’ tight hip flexors), push ups, high step ups single leg with weights, single leg balance exercise.  15reps, 3 sets.  Finished with another lot of spin bike sprints.

Wednesday – 4km walk around town.  Fun Run training in the afternoon with the boys.

Thursday – Cyclone incoming and school cancelled so didn’t make it to class.  Did a Jillian Michaels circuit class found on YouTube.  It was a little hard on the body especially on the tiles in my living area, lol.


Friday – At gym, upper body focus.  15min bike warm up.  Chest Press, Chest Flies, Leg Ext and Alternating lunges (weighted if able), Lat Pulldown and Shoulder Press.  10-15reps, 3 sets.  Finished with 10 x 30hard/30easy on cross trainer.

Saturday – 20 km bike ride (Pyramid set: Increase level every 1min for 8 levels, 3min recovery ride, Increase level every 45sec for 8 levels, 3min recovery ride, increase level every 30secs for 8 levels, 3 min recovery ride.  Finish final 7km steady pace, keeping at 90-100 RPM.)  Followed by 3km treadmill run, steady pace.

Sunday – Yoga for Weight loss and Fun run training with the boys.


RESULTS:  First weigh in for me….dah da daaah….1.5kg down and down 5%BF over the two weeks.  Very excited about that considering my less than perfect food choices over the weekend away and, ahem, during Cyclone day at home.  I have used 3 of my passes, eeek.  Time to tighten up the belt.  ‘Wayne’ didn’t have big improvements on the scale this week, back to starting weight but BF% is down a further 0.3%.  So still making some body composition changes.  She also admitted that she missed a couple of training days this week.  We will sit down and review everything on Monday and step it up.  To be honest I don’t really expect to see huge weight loss in the first two weeks with someone new to strength training as their body adapts, but I do expect to see a good loss on the scales in week 3 all things going to plan.

Over To You the Weekend Warriors

Over the last three months I have been so inspired by my newsfeed from family, friends, and The Exercise Hitlist followers.  So much so, that I thought I would share some of the photos of all of the fun everyone has been up to.  I have tracked down most of you to ask for permission to share your photos but if I have missed you please feel free to let me know and I can remove them if you so wish!

Pretty impressive isn’t it??  What are you waiting for, get outside and explore!

Exercise Hitlist No.3 – Off and Running

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo, not for lack of things to write about but just because.  Kids are all at school this year which is amazing and a little depressing to think that I am old enough to have school age children, haha.  To be quite honest I have been fluffing around at home, enjoying the peace and quite, reading and watching TV, and generally being a big, fat lazybones.  It has been lovely….but it has to stop.  So last week I reviewed my new Hitlist, shook it off and got it into working order.  Here is the latest hitlist. Hitlist 3 To prove that I have not been completely unproductive, I have actually managed to get started on a few of these items. Most importantly, I, have a new training partner.  As the new person in town I was a little nervous about how I was going to convince someone to come and train with me.  On the positive side they don’t know what kind of crazy they will be getting into (mwah ha ha ha ha thats supposed to be an evil laugh).  Turns out it was easier than expected.  Pannawonica has an online noticeboard on facebook for town updates, items for sale, services available etc.  I took a big, deep breath and dived right in.  I put a post on the page stating that I was looking for a training partner for the duration of the 8 week challenge, that I have skills that are quite handy for a training partner, and that if there was more than one person interested I would just draw a name out of the hat.  I was a little nervous that there would be nothing but silence and I would be the weird, new girl in town…not a good look….but thankfully I had a very positive response. Phew!  Anyway, back to the point, I have a new training partner which is very exciting.  Maybe a little scary for my new partner, a mother of two who has never really done strength training before, hehehehe….fresh blood.

I have been to four different classes organised by the gym including a Boxing/Cardio class, Circuit class, Yoga, and Spartacus/100 Club.  All that I have been to have been good but I really love the Spartacus class.  This involves about 6 different exercises for example Shuttle Runs, KB Swings, Weighted Lunges, Med Ball Slams, Push Ups, etc and the aim is to complete 100 reps of each exercise in 40 minutes.  You can do them in any order and as many reps at a time as you like, the only catch being that every five minutes you have to join in and do one minute plank.  The same exercises are kept for a 4 week period to allow time to improve and hopefully achieve 100 reps across the board.  It’s awesome.

The Pannawonica 8 week Fat Burn Challenge has commenced this week and I swear I am having chocolate and alcohol withdrawal symptoms which is quite possibly why nothing creative is coming alive on the blog.  Week one in changing dietary habits is always painful.  I usually find after two weeks the cravings drop off significantly but those habits take a while to stick.  Ho hum.  I have started using the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app on my phone which is actually really good.  Easy to use and the break down of macros is great.

Another thing we have done as a family is to register for the nearest Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run which is in Karratha.  We are hoping to train 2-3x/week and build up to running the whole 4km.  To keep us motivated (and not look like a crazy running group) we decided to split the family into two training teams.  Team Rangas includes the red headed twins and myself, while Team Chunky Butts has my husband and both the eldest and youngest children.  I have also downloaded RunKeeper to keep track of our progress.  Yes, look at me embracing my new iPhone technology…wonders will never cease.  Training has been going really well and it is great seeing them excited to beat their time, or run that little bit further.  I also love listening to them chat about their day, it is quickly becoming my favourite part of the day.

You can support us and donate to Breast Cancer Research here.

Well that is the new hitlist underway and hopefully this marks the end of the blog drought.  What is everyone else up to and is anyone else training for the Mother’s Day Classic?  Where abouts?

Rewind and Review

Now that we have settled in Pannawonica, I have time to do a quick review of my last hitlist.  I think it is really important to acknowledge the things that went well and the things that did not work so well, celebrate all the good stuff, take the lessons learnt, and shrug off any failures or mishaps.  At the end of the day it is all about movement….active movement, forward movement, progress, living life and making the most out of your opportunities. So how did I go with Hitlist No. 2?  To be honest I can’t even remember what was on the list now, I was a little consumed by the Adventurethon but looked forward to reviewing to see what I did get done.Hitlist 2.2

  1.  Run 5km (Couch to 5km running program) – Loved this running program and will be doing this again with the kids in my new hitlist item ‘4km Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run’ with whole family.  Also really glad I achieved my 5km running goal along the cliffs of Kalbarri.Warm up walk to Island Rock which is where I started my run and the boardwalk ended.
  2.   Mundaring Weir Stair Workout – That was painful, only completed 3 full return runs from top to bottom.  Beautiful place to work out though.End of the final stair climb!!  Thank God, stairs officially suck balls!
  3.  Volunteer at OXFAM 100km – I loved this night, such a great atmosphere and very well run.  I liked that I felt that I was giving back in some small way to a good cause and back to events that I love to participate in (without much thought to all the volunteers that make these things happen).This was at the start of my shift, all four members completing the 100km which was quite a feat.  Quite a few teams lost members due to injury or exhaustion.
  4.  Try a Kickboxing Class –  I didn’t get to do this and I still want to do a class.  This was simply that I just couldn’t juggle all my comittments to make it happen.  Another time.
  5. John Forrest National Park Troll Bridge – This was awesome and still my favourite day out with the family.After only 800m we came across the 'Troll Tunnel'.  You have to make it exciting and a little scary for boys.  In we go.....dah da daaaaa (thats supposed to be scary music).
  6. Kayak to Penguin Island – This didn’t happen either sadly.  Realised that I probably didn’t quite have the skills or knowledge to do this on my own and couldn’t justify the expense to do a guided trip at this point in time.
  7.  Kings Park Tree Top Walk/Jacob’s Ladder – This was a great, easy day trip with the kids.treetops2

    Jacob's Ladder, Kings Park

    Jacob’s Ladder, Kings Park

  8.  Join the local MTB social ride – Everyone should try mountain biking it is such a great way to get and/or stay fit.  Social rides are a great way to meet people, learn great tips and learn about fun places to ride.Love the trails....although trees and I have a love hate relationship.  I often struggle to get through gaps without hitting my handlebars lol.  I'm so cool!!
  9.  Complete my Healthy Exercise Challenge with the kids – Really liked doing these things with the kids and just remembered that I was going to try it during school term and not just on the holidays…hmmm, and this is why we review!Find a local bike path - Where does it take you?
  10.  Trail Run at Bold Park – This didn’t happen as I left it to the last minute, then ran into the calf injury, then ran out of time.  Bummer, will have to keep this at the back of my mind and try and get there next time I am in Perth.
  11.  Participate in the Perth Marathon Club’s 7.5km run along the Esplanade – I feel like I am making a lot of excuses…buuut this was a scheduling clash with my husband’s FIFO roster.  This was a Sunday morning and usually the husband is home except for this very weekend.  I couldn’t very well make the kids wait at the finish line for me….I did think about it.
  12.  Try and MTB once a week – This was about a 16 week block for this hitlist and while I managed to ride every week I think I only managed to actually MTB maybe four times over that period.  This was a fail.
  13.  Organise to be fitted for my bike properly – Success!  I did do this one and very glad I did too.Managed to get on and stay balanced....Yay!
  14.  Sullivan’s Rock to Monadnocks Campsite, Bibbulmun Track –  What do we call this one? 50/50?  I did do a portion of the Bibbulmun Track and walked Sullivan’s Rock, but then failed to go in the planned direction and proceeded to get lost.   Points for trying??Bibb Track
  15.  Complete in Adventurethon Albany – Too right I did, feeling quite proud of that one.

I managed to complete 9 out of 15 items for a 60% completion rate.  Looking back I feel like I achieved so much more.  It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter about the things you don’t do only about the things you do.  I still believe that I complete more when I write them down and plug away.  So get busy dreaming, planning, and most importantly just get outside and move!!

Linking up with One Mother Hen.

Fitness Events in Australia – Challenge Yourself

One of the reasons for getting this blog up and running was to inspire people to set some goals and make a start on living a healthier lifestyle.  As I have mentioned before, when I put together a hitlist for myself I try and have a goal that is a bit scary and out of my comfort zone so that I continue to challenge myself.  I thought I would help you out and put together some of the sites that I look at for some inspiration for my big hitlist item.  Stop procrastinating…..lock in an event….and get training!!

Australian Running Calender – I’ll kick off with running events because it requires very little equipment and training can be done absolutely anywhere.  If you are new to running don’t forget to check out My Top Running Tips from an ‘I can’t run’ Mum and Exercise Physiologist.

Park Run Australia –  This is a free weekly event, a timed 5km run held in many parks across the world.  Good place to start if you are nervous about participating in an event.


Eventfinda – Upcoming Sports & Outdoors Events.  This is a calender of many, many, different sports.  You just have to choose one that tickles your fancy.

Eventlist – Australian Triathlon, Running, Obstacle Racing & Multisport Event Calender

Oxfam Trailwalker – Challenge Yourself, Challenge Poverty

This was at the start of my shift, all four members completing the 100km which was quite a feat.  Quite a few teams lost members due to injury or exhaustion.

Stairclimbing Australia – Looking for something different?  Stairclimbing is a thing!  Looks tough but covers some pretty great locations.

Ocean Swims – Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, and Europe

Adventurethon Australia – Off road multi sport event (Kayak, Mountain Bike, Trail Run).  Different distances for different levels of fitness, also can be done as a team event.  You can read about my first Adventurethon here.

Albany finish

Adventure Race Australia – This race involves a bit of everything.  It is off road so trail running and mountain biking is involved.  For the water component you can often choose whether to kayak, canoe, or swim.  There is also an element of navigation/orienteering involved as well as some alternative challenges (these are optional).  It looks like a lot of fun and encourages family and team participation along with individual racing of course.  There are some great prizes up for grabs too.

Tough Mudder – Mud Run

Basic RGB

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it should give everyone a place to start.  What are you waiting for?

If you know of any other great events that I should check out please get in contact with me and share the fun.

Adventurethon Albany

Well, it wasn’t perfect.  It wasn’t pretty.  But this mother of four, who couldn’t run four months ago and couldn’t kayak as little as four weeks ago, finished her first Enduro adventurethon – 5km paddle, 2km beach run, 4km paddle, 22km steep mountain bike ride, and 8-10km trail run.  This is how the event unfolded (you may want to get comfortable and grab a coffee). We loaded up the car and headed to Albany on the Friday before the Saturday event.

Looks like an adventurous car now!!

Looks like an adventurous car now!!

Albany is approximately 400km south of Perth and we had quite a leisurely drive down.  I will do another post on the different things we did in and around Albany as it is definitely worth a visit.  As we drove down the main street of Albany, it was a little overcast, a little cold, and really windy.

Cruising down the main street of Albany...nothing like a bike and a kayak on the roof to announce that we were here for the Adventurethon.

Cruising down the main street of Albany…nothing like a bike and a kayak on the roof to announce that we were here for the Adventurethon.  OK it doesn’t look overcast, but that is because I snapped the only patch of sunlight!

As we arrived a little before check in time, we decided to cruise around and check out some of the locations as per the course outline posted weeks earlier by the organisers.  First we took the scenic route around Royal Princess Harbour with the windmills of the Wind Farm glinting in the distance.

Beautiful view

Beautiful view

Then we headed to Camp Quaranup and Point Possession.  This was the point where we would paddle out to from Anzac Peace Park, complete a run, before paddling back.

Definitely couldn't complain about the scenery!

Definitely couldn’t complain about the scenery!

We did try to visit The Gap and Natural Bridge in the Torndirrup National Park but found that the road in was closed  At this point the hubby had lost his tolerance for my ‘just drive and see what we can find’ approach as we hadn’t yet stopped to pick up a map, so sadly we didn’t checkout the blowholes. Next stop was to check out Mt Melville, one part of the epic mountain bike ride.  We found signage and tape marking for the course which was a little bit of a reality check.

And guess what I found on my scouting trip...a toilet!!  If you have been following along you'll know I was a little concerned about the toilet situation, but turns out I didn't actually need to go.

And guess what I found on my scouting trip…a toilet!! If you have been following along you’ll know I was a little concerned about the toilet situation, but turns out I didn’t actually need to go.

Checking out the view and quietly freaking out at what I had signed up for.

Checking out the view and quietly freaking out at what I had signed up for.

Off to check in at the Albany Holiday Park which was basic but had everything that we needed.  Pre race briefing was that night at Due South, a lovely restaurant right on the harbour.  As we pulled up the wind was blowing a gale and the water was really choppy.  I think I may have peed my pants a little at this stage and the first tendrils of real doubt crept in.

You can't really see the choppy water in this photo but trust me it was daunting OK!  Even the kids were a little concerned...."Mum are you really going to paddle over to that island?  Won't you tip out in this wind?"....Not helping boys.

You can’t really see the choppy water in this photo but trust me it was daunting OK! Even the kids were a little concerned….”Mum are you really going to paddle over to that island? Won’t you tip out in this wind?”….Not helping boys.

Pre race briefing did not help matters as race organiser, Joel Savage (the same guy who answered my naive questions and knew I was not so experienced on the paddle), ran through all the safety concerns for an adventure race.  You know, beware of the bitey things in the water, if you can’t manage the paddle just signal the crew in the safety boats (I am sure Joel was looking straight at me, eek),  don’t forget 2 compression bandages must be carried so you can deliver your own first aid for broken bones, snake bites, cuts and grazes, you know, minor things.  Ok, forget the quietly freaking out stage, I was in full freak out, blowing into a brown paper bag at this point!!  Doesn’t help when it was only a fairly small race number and everyone there looked fit, firm, and fantastic and I felt every inch the mum with four kids hanging off me.  Obviously there is risk involved, like any outdoor activity, and duty of care requires that every eventuality is covered where possible.  I know this, but my slight nervousness may have exaggerated the import of these gentle reminders. Poor Hubby, every five minutes that night I was in his ear…”Do you think I can do this?”….”Will I be able to paddle on that choppy water?”….”Have I done enough?”…..”What do I do if I can’t do the paddle?”…..Are you asleep, nudge, nudge, elbow to ribs..”Was this a stupid idea?”  He was so very patient and supportive, and so certain of me and my ability to do it.  If I wasn’t such a tightwad I swear I would have given it all up then but I hate to waste good money so suck it up I did.

Race day dawned and kick off time crept inexorably closer.

Race day dawned and kick off time crept inexorably closer.

I spent most of the morning on the toilet (no wonder you don’t need to go for the remainder of the race…nervous pee anyone?), but the other part of the morning was spent organising all the gear, honestly hubby had that pretty well covered, and chatting to other competitors.  Everyone was very friendly and happy to help out where possible.  Lovely Dave, who was worried about having the slowest boat (he actually may have had the slowest boat as he did have a very heavy kayak which took on a lot of water).  Dave would paddle 2 hours to work and walk his kayak, on his homemade wheels, up through the city to his office, how’s that for amazing?  Members from the RSL did a brief welcome speech and provided information on the history of the area we would be covering and the relevance to our ANZAC’s.  It was great to hear a little more information on the area, pretty great start to the race…Why should I worry about a little old race when the ANZAC’s were heading off to war from this very spot about 100 years earlier.

The race has begun!

The race has begun!

Five minutes into the race and I was once again cool, calm, and collected.  I was confident that I could do the paddle and that I could get back in if I fell out, I was comfortable that I had done enough training and that I could hang in there to the end even if I hadn’t quite done enough.  From that point on I let the doubt go and began to enjoy this event that I had invested so much time and energy on. Once I got the hang of the tipping and rolling motion, I started to pick up my pace a little.  We headed past Cheynes Whaling Boat, a shipwreck marking our turning point to head to Point Possession.  Once we got past the shipwreck we encountered much smoother conditions and I really started enjoying the paddle.  After pulling up on the beach, throwing on an old pair of shoes, the run section took us across the beautiful white sandy beach of Point Possession up and over a steep rocky outcrop, back along the beach on the other side and back into the boat.  It was frustrating not being able to run (due to the calf injury I sustained 8 days out) but I took the time to eat a banana and have a drink…a leisurely stroll really.  Caught a couple of the guys again on the paddle back to the mainland, and then my boys were there to cheer me on.

Nothing like a good welcome back on dry land.

Nothing like a good welcome back on dry land.

Quick stop to pull on shoes and helmet and off I went for the bike leg.  There were lots of hill climbs, some quite technical with loose gravel, stairs, and tree roots, which I am not so good at.  I did find I was pushing my bike a lot!  The first wooden berm was quite steep with a steep drop at the end..was glad that I walked it as one of the guys had come off on it just as I came across it.  Once reaching the top of Mt Melville we headed across town and up Mt Clarence and Mt Adelaide.

View from Mt Adelaide

View from Mt Adelaide

Yep, three mountains in one day.  I had a little stack on some sand, quite embarrassing really, but other than that the ride went OK.

Feeling OK at this point, felt like I still had some fuel left in the tank.

Feeling OK at this point, felt like I still had some fuel left in the tank.

What to say about the run…it still frustrates me that I couldn’t run it and see what I could do with the run.  I probably would have walked the hills still but the flats were killing me.  Everyone was so friendly on the course and I thank the couple of guys that stopped and had a chat along the way.  The calf was a little twitchy especially on the rock hopping section, where you are jumping from rock to rock.  Usually I love rock hopping, but I was nervous of the calf the whole time.  Having a complete stack and landing knees first on some sharp rocks didn’t help matters!  Blood started dripping from the knee, so it was lucky I had my bandages to wrap it up.  All good still able to finish just added a few bumps and scrapes. It was really good to finish this race and I was actually pretty emotional, mainly cause I had so much doubt this time round, and it was just nice to prove to myself and others that we are stronger than we think we are and can do so much more if we set the doubt aside and just go for it. Albany finish Finish emotion Honestly, it was a great event and if you have done some training there really is nothing to be afraid of.  Forget tours to learn more about a town or city just do an Adventurethon.…the best way to see the sights of the city!  And women, get your butts out here!  Grab some friends and do a team event, do the Taste of Adventurethon, or go the whole hog yourself…….the kids will love training with you and you will surprise yourself!

If you are interested in reading more about my journey to adventurethon, the ups and downs, and what I did training wise you can follow these links:

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The Funny Thing About Failure…

The Funny Thing About Failure….

After struggling to run over the last week due to calf pain on my right leg, it came to a head with me trying to run yet again after resting it for 5 days with a sharp, stabbing pain in the back of my calf last Thursday.  I had a pretty good idea that the news was not good and was not surprised when the physio confirmed the diagnosis of minor calf tear (Grade 1-2) and stated that I would not be running in 8 days without risking further injury.  I initially felt an overwhelming sense of failure that I would not be able to run in the Adventurethon.  I felt like all my hard work had gone to waste, four months of being sore every single day (except after rest day), dragging myself out to run or train, often with four kids in tow, paying money for the kayak and a couple of lessons, all thrown out the window for a little muscle tear in the final week.  After throwing myself a little pity party, I picked myself up and decided that I can still complete the adventurethon by walking its just going to take me a bit longer.

Along the way I have realised a few things about failure:

  • Firstly….

Can't fail

  • When assessing failure you have to review the overall goal.

My reasons for competing in an Adventurethon were that I wanted something to train for, I wanted to travel somewhere I haven’t been before to do the event, I wanted to challenge myself, see if I could do it and do it to the best of my ability, and I wanted to do something that I had never done before.

When coming to terms with not being able to run the final leg I realised that I could still walk it which meant that I could still complete the event and it was still going to challenge me in all the ways that mattered.  My game plan initially was to expend as little energy as possible in the kayak, go steady in the bike, and then leave nothing left in the final run.  Now I will be pushing both the kayak and the bike a little harder and then trying to bring it home as quick as I can walk it.  Same, same…

This has absolutely given me something to train for and looking back at where I started (read this post), I am amazed at how far my fitness and strength has come.  I couldn’t run 2km without dying and now I can run 5.5km comfortably.  45minutes on the exercise bike was my long ride and that is now my recovery ride.  I couldn’t kayak 3 weeks ago, didn’t know the first thing about it actually, to being able to leave my instructor, Dave, behind in our final paddle session.  I have lifted weights in crossfit that I didn’t think I could and completed brutal sessions that I would not have done a couple of months ago and followed it up with a run.  I can get a kayak on top of the bloody patrol by myself and strap it down with occy straps (may not sound like much but hubby usually does all this so I am proud of this).

kayak strap


So all in all I am feeling OK with this turn of events.  Its not how I planned it and I would have liked to have been fighting fit and given it a good old crack.  I will still give it everything but it will be very frustrating watching everyone run past me.  All good, I will probably be that stuffed that I won’t give a hot damn…hehe will probably be grateful for my ‘excuse’ not to run!

  • No one can make you feel like a failure without your consent, or as Eleanor Roosevelt would say…

No one can make you

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Roll on Adventurethon Albany, I am as ready as I will ever be.