Journey to Adventurethon – Update 5

It is coming up to crunch time for my preparation to Albany and I am actually a little worried.  The bike and run components are coming together but I am officially worried about the kayak leg.  I have no training under my belt for this and at this point I don’t even know if I have a kayak that I can race.  As some of you may know I did manage to score a kayak off the side of the road which by some good fortune the previous owners were giving away.  It is old, a little dirty, but apart from a new bung and small leak that hubby assures me he can fix, this kayak looks like it could be a goer.

The only major problem seems to be whether or not I will be able to stay on it!!

The only major problem seems to be whether or not I will be able to stay on it!!

I don’t know a lot about kayaks or surf skis but from what I could learn from Google I am not entirely sure that this is a beginner level surf ski.  Only way to know whether I can use it come race day is to get some practice on it.  This is also causing some dramas as I need roof racks to transport it to a body of water that doesn’t have sharks that can eat me if I fall out!!  We have ordered roof racks for the car but that will be another week or so before they can be installed and ready to go.  Tick, tick, tick….goes the countdown clock.  Aaaggghhh.  If all else fails ‘the barge’ is ready to go and steady as a rock.

The Barge

The Barge

Well it is no use dwelling on things that can’t be changed so it is back to the grind in regard to my training.  The last two weeks have been pretty good and I have seen some progress in running distance, strength, and getting outside for my rides a lot more often.  Frequency of sessions has been a little hit and miss due to having lovely visitors, and I have also found that recovery has been a little slower.  Whether that is because I have increased the intensity of my training or not having the down time I usually would I am not sure.  I have another lot of visitors this coming week, therefore I might use this week to book in a yoga session and maybe a massage while completing what exercise sessions I can.  Then it will be head down, bottom up to put away some really solid training weeks. Here is my training summary for the last two weeks.


Monday – Rest day after a very busy weekend.

Tuesday –  Crossfit session in the morning.  4.8km run in the afternoon.

Wednesday – Hilly mountain bike ride.  I wanted to try and do the ‘Ride through the Hills – Part 2’ ride that I found through the Perth Tourism website.  I took a couple of wrong turns though and ended up doing a modified version of the loop including a very steep ride up the hill to the Perth Observatory.  This ride ended up being 28km and took me 1 hour 40 minutes.

Thursday – Crossfit.  I did manage to squeeze in a 2km row before the class started.  It is amazing how much just a small tweak to the routine can make everything just that little bit harder.  I also did a basic 4.5km run in the afternoon.  Really didn’t feel like it but knew I would be in the car all day tomorrow as we were headed to Kalbarri for a long weekend, so I just had to do it.

Friday – Big 6 hours of driving to reach Kalbarri.  Kids had a small play at the beach and in the park that afternoon, so beautiful.  I managed to sneak a 3km beach walk in just to stretch the legs out.

Saturday – We hit the stunning gorges for some hiking today.  Nature’s Windows hike was only 1.2km return.

Nature's window Collage

Z-Bend gorge river trail was 2.6km return but we probably ended up doing 3km total as we did some extra exploring down the bottom of the gorge.

zbend gorge Collage

I also managed to sneak in a quick 10km bike ride that afternoon to Red Bluff point then walked 2km into the main beach where I met the boys fishing.

Sunday –  After dropping Mum and Dad off to start their epic coastal hike, the kids, hubby and I went for breakfast followed by the Pelican Feeding session by the Kalbarri foreshore.  It was great.


I then went and completed my amazing 8km coastal run which you can read about here.  I rode the 6km home from Eagle Gorge before having a fantastic lazy day at the beach with the family until the sun went down.

Lazy beach Collage


Monday – Back in the car for the return trip to Perth, boo hoo, did not want to leave Kalbarri.  No exercise today.

Tuesday – Road ride 18km in approximately 50minutes.

Wednesday – CrossFit.  Completed Filthy 50’s workout which was brutal (apparently someone turned 50 earlier in the week and this is how we celebrate….hmmm, I don’t want to know what happens when someone turns 60!)  Was going to run in the afternoon but I was absolutely wrecked from crossfit.

Thursday –  50 mins on Exercise bike (30km) followed by 3km run.  Had my first migraine tonight in quite some time.  Not surprised as I have been pushing a little harder this week, lots of travel, poor diet, and not getting quality sleep meant that it all fell in a heap.  Timely reminder to look after myself a little better.

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – CrossFit.  I was only just feeling not so sore from the last crossfit session and then I was hit with another killer session.  Apparently Saturday’s partner workouts are known for being a little hardcore, well now I know.  Completely stuffed.

Sunday – Ow…Ow…Ow…so bloody sore.  Legs not so bad so saddled up and did a 30km road ride (actually managed to do the proper ride I tried last week).  Not my favourite ride, managed to swallow a fly (lots of gagging after that one, ewww) and then a bloody magpie started swooping me.  I must have looked like an absolute idiot ducking, swerving all over the place, and yelling at the stupid bird.  The things we do….

I am a little sad that my parents have had to go home after a lovely couple of weeks having them stay, and its awfully quite in the house.  I expect you may see a few more blog posts from me again…until the next visitors.




Journey to Adventurethon – Update 4

Time for my fortnightly update on how my training is going in the lead up to Adventurethon Albany.  I have to warn you that my week 7 was pathetic, the final week of school holidays got the better of me and I couldn’t be bothered juggling kids and exercise.  I could have done it, but I lost my mojo.  All’s well that ends well as I found that the decrease in the intensity of my training didn’t hurt and I had renewed enthusiasm for my week 8.


Monday:  John Forrest National Park ride with the family.  Wk 6 Run 3 completed, 25mins running.

Tuesday :  CrossFit – dragged the 4 boys along with technology and food, bribed/threatened/and cojoled the boys to behave and let me do my workout.  Turns out they thought it was cool, music was rocking and they loved watching everyone train hard at Hillside CrossFit.

Wednesday:  Exercise Bike – 60 mins and 34km

Thursday: Off to the beach with the kiddos, could not be bothered to do anything today.

Friday:  Tried to do a run with four boys on their bikes.  Let’s just say it did not go well, we had fights over who rode which bike, tears that the bike was stupid, sore legs, sore backs.  I think I carried the bikes more than I ran, then they wanted to stop at the park for a play, then a chain came off a bike which amazingly I was able to fix.  I did manage to get a good run home so all was not lost.

Saturday:  10km hike with Snooze and friend.  Late night volunteering at OXFAM Perth with a 2am finish.  My lovely husband let me have a sleep in the next morning, taking the boys out and to the movies.

Sunday:  Finally an uninterrupted run.  25mins and approximately 4.5km.




Monday:  Didn’t do bugger all today, thanking God the kids were back at school tomorrow.

Tuesday:  CrossFit

Wednesday:  Exercise Bike 70mins and 40km.  Wanted to do a run in the afternoon while the kids were at basketball practice but I somehow managed to lock my youngest son in the house and was in the car ready to go before I realised I was one child short.  Understandably he was a little uncertain as to my loyalty and requested I stay and watch him train.  Feeling a little guilty for my momentary lapse what could I do?

Thursday:  Morning was spent cleaning the house (you know the kind you do before visitors come) well that kind of clean so I am claiming that as a workout damn it!  I did also manage to fit a 25min run in as well.  Also on the highlight reel….My parents are visiting for just over two weeks so happy days people!!

Friday:  CrossFit

Saturday:  Mundaring Weir Monster stair workout (while the family was checking out this beautiful location in the Perth Hills).  We then took our visitors to Lake Leschenaultia for lunch and a spot of canoeing.  45mins canoe session.  Final stop on our day out was at John Forrest National Park to check out Hovea Falls. 2km bushwalk.

Big Day Out Collage

Sunday:  30 minute run, approximately 4.8km.

I realised this week that I am half way through my training plan. 8 weeks down and only 8 weeks to go….gulp.  I looked up the Adventurethon Australia website to have a refresher and check out accommodation options.  While browsing I found that they have posted a course outline and there is an extra sneaky 2km beach run in the middle of the paddle leg…I was freaking out at making the 8km run at the end let alone adding more running!!

Albany Enduro

After a slight panic attack I am back in control and to be honest I think the scenery is going to be spectacular.  I will have plenty of time to enjoy it at the pace I will be running! haha.  So this block of four weeks I want to start doing a couple of block training sessions.  I thought I would start with adding some smaller runs after my CrossFit sessions and after my bike rides.  The other things I need to start doing are running with my camelpak, and I need to start kayaking some more.  One session is just not going to cut it.  I still have those vouchers to use and we have finally ordered a family kayak which, to be honest, more resembles a small boat.  My husband assures me it will be fine to race.  Well no one will get near me that’s for sure, I will be the big barge on the water….parp, parp.  Anyway we are still negotiating on a second smaller kayak that we still need so the whole family can kayak together.  Wish me luck.



Get Involved with a MTB Social Ride

It is hard to believe that I have been in Perth for over 7 months already and while we have explored a little there is so much to see and do.  As I have finally officially registered for Adventurethon Albany I thought it was about time that I got serious about it and got back outside and hit the trails.  The hubby and I went for a short ride not long after moving to Perth, starting from the Camel Farm, yes the Camel Farm apparently that’s where it all happens up here in the hills!

Kalamunda Camel Farm...its where its at!!

Kalamunda Camel Farm…all sorts of fun up in the Perth Hills!!

This ride was a bit haphazard as we didn’t really know where to go or how long these trails would take so we just sort of pottered around all the shorter, beginner trails.  I haven’t been out since then as I have been hesitant to go out on my own when I don’t know the trails, and it has been wet and cold and I was happy to stay home in my ugg boots!  So time to shake off the winter blues, get out there again and cross an item off the hitlist.  After a bit of research I found Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective website, with maps and details of social rides.  It doesn’t seem to matter what sport you are involved in, chances are you will be able to link up with locals/enthusiasts of the sport and get the rundown.  It is amazing to see people volunteer their time and experience to show people who are new to the sport or to the area around the local trails.  I am really grateful to those that organise these social rides and are happy to plod along at the back with the slower riders (namely me), and hopefully I will get a chance to pay it forward in the future.

It was a really great ride and there are some fantastic trails up here in the Perth Hills.  I haven’t been out on some decent trails for quite awhile and lacked a bit of confidence.  Well that’s my excuse for being so slow and getting my butt whipped by all the over 50’s age group!

Love all MTB trail names...Lube me up, Rocky Balboa, Horny Devil, are just a few I rode on the weekend.

Love all MTB trail names…Lube me up, Rocky Balboa, Horny Devil, are just a few I rode on the weekend.

Love the trails....although trees and I have a love hate relationship.  I often struggle to get through gaps without hitting my handlebars lol.  I'm so cool!!

Love the unexpected on the trails….although trees and I have a love hate relationship. I often struggle to get through gaps without hitting my handlebars lol. I’m so cool!!

My first wooden berms....weeeeeee!!  No stacks either!

My first wooden berms….weeeeeee!! No stacks either!

I went ok for the first two hours but really struggled with the last 30minutes…..Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?

Ahhhh...thank god for the Mumma Wagon!!  Tarago's look cooler with a MTB strapped to the back right??

Ahhhh…thank god for the Mumma Wagon!! Tarago’s look cooler with a MTB strapped to the back right??