Fitness Events in Australia – Challenge Yourself

One of the reasons for getting this blog up and running was to inspire people to set some goals and make a start on living a healthier lifestyle.  As I have mentioned before, when I put together a hitlist for myself I try and have a goal that is a bit scary and out of my comfort zone so that I continue to challenge myself.  I thought I would help you out and put together some of the sites that I look at for some inspiration for my big hitlist item.  Stop procrastinating…..lock in an event….and get training!!

Australian Running Calender – I’ll kick off with running events because it requires very little equipment and training can be done absolutely anywhere.  If you are new to running don’t forget to check out My Top Running Tips from an ‘I can’t run’ Mum and Exercise Physiologist.

Park Run Australia –  This is a free weekly event, a timed 5km run held in many parks across the world.  Good place to start if you are nervous about participating in an event.


Eventfinda – Upcoming Sports & Outdoors Events.  This is a calender of many, many, different sports.  You just have to choose one that tickles your fancy.

Eventlist – Australian Triathlon, Running, Obstacle Racing & Multisport Event Calender

Oxfam Trailwalker – Challenge Yourself, Challenge Poverty

This was at the start of my shift, all four members completing the 100km which was quite a feat.  Quite a few teams lost members due to injury or exhaustion.

Stairclimbing Australia – Looking for something different?  Stairclimbing is a thing!  Looks tough but covers some pretty great locations.

Ocean Swims – Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, and Europe

Adventurethon Australia – Off road multi sport event (Kayak, Mountain Bike, Trail Run).  Different distances for different levels of fitness, also can be done as a team event.  You can read about my first Adventurethon here.

Albany finish

Adventure Race Australia – This race involves a bit of everything.  It is off road so trail running and mountain biking is involved.  For the water component you can often choose whether to kayak, canoe, or swim.  There is also an element of navigation/orienteering involved as well as some alternative challenges (these are optional).  It looks like a lot of fun and encourages family and team participation along with individual racing of course.  There are some great prizes up for grabs too.

Tough Mudder – Mud Run

Basic RGB

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it should give everyone a place to start.  What are you waiting for?

If you know of any other great events that I should check out please get in contact with me and share the fun.

Get Involved with a MTB Social Ride

It is hard to believe that I have been in Perth for over 7 months already and while we have explored a little there is so much to see and do.  As I have finally officially registered for Adventurethon Albany I thought it was about time that I got serious about it and got back outside and hit the trails.  The hubby and I went for a short ride not long after moving to Perth, starting from the Camel Farm, yes the Camel Farm apparently that’s where it all happens up here in the hills!

Kalamunda Camel Farm...its where its at!!

Kalamunda Camel Farm…all sorts of fun up in the Perth Hills!!

This ride was a bit haphazard as we didn’t really know where to go or how long these trails would take so we just sort of pottered around all the shorter, beginner trails.  I haven’t been out since then as I have been hesitant to go out on my own when I don’t know the trails, and it has been wet and cold and I was happy to stay home in my ugg boots!  So time to shake off the winter blues, get out there again and cross an item off the hitlist.  After a bit of research I found Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective website, with maps and details of social rides.  It doesn’t seem to matter what sport you are involved in, chances are you will be able to link up with locals/enthusiasts of the sport and get the rundown.  It is amazing to see people volunteer their time and experience to show people who are new to the sport or to the area around the local trails.  I am really grateful to those that organise these social rides and are happy to plod along at the back with the slower riders (namely me), and hopefully I will get a chance to pay it forward in the future.

It was a really great ride and there are some fantastic trails up here in the Perth Hills.  I haven’t been out on some decent trails for quite awhile and lacked a bit of confidence.  Well that’s my excuse for being so slow and getting my butt whipped by all the over 50’s age group!

Love all MTB trail names...Lube me up, Rocky Balboa, Horny Devil, are just a few I rode on the weekend.

Love all MTB trail names…Lube me up, Rocky Balboa, Horny Devil, are just a few I rode on the weekend.

Love the trails....although trees and I have a love hate relationship.  I often struggle to get through gaps without hitting my handlebars lol.  I'm so cool!!

Love the unexpected on the trails….although trees and I have a love hate relationship. I often struggle to get through gaps without hitting my handlebars lol. I’m so cool!!

My first wooden berms....weeeeeee!!  No stacks either!

My first wooden berms….weeeeeee!! No stacks either!

I went ok for the first two hours but really struggled with the last 30minutes…..Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?

Ahhhh...thank god for the Mumma Wagon!!  Tarago's look cooler with a MTB strapped to the back right??

Ahhhh…thank god for the Mumma Wagon!! Tarago’s look cooler with a MTB strapped to the back right??