Introduction and Welcome!

I love exercise.  I love the way it makes me feel, I love the places it takes me to, I love the challenge and I love the people I meet while doing it.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I struggle to lace up those shoes and turn up but I know the benefits far outweigh the initial hesitance.  There seems to be so much guilt and stress about exercising the ‘perfect’ way these days, ie cardio vs weights, am vs pm, crossfit vs yoga etc, that it becomes all too difficult to get started for fear of doing the wrong thing.  Sometimes it is fear of the unknown, uncertainty about whats involved, and wondering whether you can do it.  Another reason exercise fails is that we get into a rut and stop looking for variations to our basic routine and end up boring ourselves silly!  This blog and the hitlist is all about getting back to basics, trying new things and just enjoying exercise.

The hitlist is also about getting out and exploring all the great opportunities to exercise right on our back doorsteps.  I lived in Townsville QLD since 2005 and I soon learnt that everyone who exercised in any capacity found themselves climbing Castle Hill at some point.  It took me two years to make the time and effort to climb the goat track.  Two years!!  But then I climbed that hill forward, backwards, sideways and every which way!!  So if you live in Townsville and have only ever done Castle Hill by the goat track or by road, challenge yourself to find all the other ways up that damn hill.  It was only in the last couple of years of living in Townsville that I made the effort to find all the great tracks, lookouts, and swimming holes.  Eight years living in Townsville and I only just scratched the surface.  I lived in Wollongong for nearly eight years and am annoyed at myself that I didn’t make the most of exploring everything within driving distance from there.  Anyway, now I have moved to Western Australia and am soo excited at all the possibilities!  Don’t forget to comment if you have any exercise suggestions for me to tackle, I would love to hear from you.

Just a bit of background on me: I am just an average mum.  I am not super fit.  I am not super skinny.  I have bits that jiggle when they really shouldn’t, but I do what I can around all the other things in life.  I have always been active but really struggled after having twins to lose the weight and get back into exercise.  Three pregnancies are not kind on the body and I really felt like my body had let me down for a while there.  Slowly, my fitness and my strength crept back and with it my confidence improved.  As you can imagine, with 4 kids under 4, time was my biggest barrier initially.  I sat on an exercise bike for the most part, added in some body weight and strength exercises, and that was my routine for the better part of two years.  I was ready to bust out of this routine, get outside and get amongst it, and so began my first basic hitlists.


Completed items: First Paluma Push mountain bike rice, first night ride, 5km river loop with kids and climbing Mt Bartle Frere.

A few completed items: First Paluma Push mountain bike race, first night ride, 5km river loop with kids and climbing Mt Bartle Frere.