Mothers Day Classic 4km Family Fun Run

As I mentioned previously, this event was merely the icing on the cake on our journey to run 4km as a family.  All the work, the pride, the satisfaction came from training together twice a week, sometimes three times a week, in the lead up to the Mothers Day Classic.  By the time the actual day rolled around it was all about celebrating a job well done.  We decided to make a weekend of it and booked a unit in Dampier, near the beach, where we had a relaxing couple of days playing at the beach, park, and enjoying a dinner out.  The other important part of the weekend was raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer research.  A big thank you to our family and friends who sponsored Team Campbell and all our efforts. I will let the photos tell the story of our day at the Mothers Day Classic 4km Family Fun Run.

It was a great event to participate in, and it may become a Campbell family tradition.  The husband has been a little forgotten in all this, but his story is also pretty impressive.  My husband would be the first to tell you that he is not the most athletic person but he was quite keen to sign up for this family challenge.  Hubby has never run 4km without stopping…..ever.  The first time he did this was at this event, with three of his boys, holding hands as they crossed the finish line.  Mr Exercise Hitlist was a little emotional, quite chuffed, and it is a moment that he will cherish for a long time to come.  Mission accomplished I say.  Another special mention must go to my eldest child, 8 yrs old, who managed to complete the whole course without stopping.  He wasn’t fast but he stuck to his game plan and just kept plugging away.  This is harder than it looks in this type of event, as there are people everywhere so it is hard to keep a steady pace as you try and weave in and around people.  There were also a lot of children in the event, which was fantastic, but most kids would walk a little, and sprint or jog a little, then walk again.  My younger kids found that hard as they wanted to walk when the others were walking even though they had run much further in training!  They all did a fantastic job, but especially the eldest who was probably one of the only kids to run the whole distance!!  I am beyond proud of my little family.

After returning home from our weekend I asked the kids and hubby what they thought about training, running in this event, and whether they would do it again.

B1 (8yr old) – What did you like the best about training?  Icy poles at the end.  Favourite training moment? When you and I ran that whole 3km.  Did you feel like you could run 4km without stopping at the start?  No way! It was really hard at the start.  What did you feel like when you finished the 4km on race day?  I was really proud of myself, it felt good.  I also felt like I was saving lives.  Would you do it again?  Maybe, not for a while.  I would rather train for a bike race.

B2 (7yr old) – What did you like best about training?  Icy poles.  Favourite training moment?  When we did that really good run all the way to the pool and then we got to have a swim.  What did you feel like when you first started running? I didn’t like it.  My legs hurt and it was hard.   Did it get easier? Yes!  Some days it was awesome.  What did you feel like when you finished the race? Awesome.  Would you do it again??  Yes.

I found this drawing B2 had drawn a few days after the race....I think he had fun right?

I found this drawing a few days after the race….I think he had fun right?  B2 is the one right at the top yelling ‘Weeeee….’

B3 (7yr old) –  What did you like best about training?  Icy poles.  Favourite training moment?  The days off.  What about the 3.5km run?  That was good.  When I ran the 3.5km, I felt like I could keep running and running.  What did you feel like when you first started running?  Sore after the run.  What did you feel like when you finished the race?  Good.  When prompted for something other than ‘good’? I liked that we all ran together.  Would you do it again?  Not really.  I want to do a bike race.

B4 (5yr old) – What did you like best about training?  Icy poles.  Favourite training moment?  When I sucked it up and ran all the way to the shed which was the longest run.  (Just over 2km)  What did you feel like when you first started running?  I didn’t feel like I could do it but I could.  What did you feel like when you finished the race?  Good.  It was my first time to do a race.  Would you do it again? Yes.

Hubby – What did you like best about training?  Icy poles.  Loved the occasional cheer squads from the locals.  The guys waiting for the bus to go to work, and the more sane locals who were sitting outside having a beer.  Also loved the ticker shown by B1, and B3 when they did their breakthrough runs.  It was hard work though and some days I really didn’t feel like doing it.  Favourite training moment?  It was a training run with Team Rangas, which started out shocking, but then they kicked into gear and ended up putting me through my paces.  What did you feel like when you first started running?  I doubted whether I could do it, I wondered whether my knees could do it.  I thought surely this is just a phase and Beth will give it up.  I was surprised when it got easier.  What did you feel like when you finished the race?  I was a bit emotional, I was proud of myself.  I was blowing out holding hands with my boys as we crossed the finish line.  I was really proud of the twins for digging deep, as we mixed up where the finish line was.  They thought we were done but then had to find something extra to run the extra 500m to the actual finish line.  I was really impressed that the eldest finished without stopping, thought he would be the first to stop given the attitude at the start of the race.  Would you do it again?  Yeah I would.  I would love to do a team event with the family.

Me – What did I like the most about the training?  I love the excited chatter when we got home from a run, when they would chat about how far they ran before stopping, how awesome so and so was today, what we should try next time.  All while sucking on their icy poles.  I think this is really why everyone loved the icy poles!!  What was my favourite training moment?  It still has to be the D-Man running the 3.5km, it just clicked that night, he ran so comfortably.  He was just buzzing, and I swear he would have run the loop again if I let him.  Proud mumma moment.  In saying that, all my boys had runs that just made me proud!  What did you feel like when we first started running?  I felt like this was going to be the longest 10 weeks of my life and it would be a miracle if I didn’t have a mass mutiny.  There was a lot of ‘Sometimes things are hard, and it hurts, but you just have to find a way to get it done’, ‘Suck it up princess’, and ‘We just have to get the job done tonight boys’.  There were a lot of runs where I was really proud of them because they gave up at some point, felt like it was too hard, but then managed to regroup and finish off strongly.  What did I feel like when I finished the race?  I stayed with my youngest during the race and he didn’t have the greatest run.  He was a crook with a small cough and a little overwhelmed by it all, so during the race I actually felt a little underwhelmed and not sure I had met my expectations of race day.  Looking back at it all, it was all that I needed it to be and a great family bonding experience.  My youngest wore his medallion for all of the next week, to school and everywhere.  He would have worn it to bed if he could.  Would you do it again?  Absolutely!

Stay tuned for our next adventure, looks like they are all on board to try something else!

Sometimes Life Just Gets in the Way

You may have noticed that progress through this current hitlist is a little slow at the moment.  Life is getting in the way.  For one thing, it is nearing the end of the school term and for our little family that tends to mean that kids are starting to tire, immune systems are down (go away snotty noses, sore throats, and coughing), and tempers are starting to fray.  I am sick of school lunches, sick of washing and trying to find uniforms, sick of homework, and sick of my own cooking.  Added to all that, my father-in-law has not been well.  Over this past six months or so, the decision was made to put him in a nursing home, which is a choice that comes with a lot of desperation, love, guilt, and hope that it is the right decision.  As we now live on the other side of the country it is something that we can only watch from a distance and send the odd care package to let them know that they are in our thoughts.

We thought the slippers would get a few smiles.  You have to find reasons to smile at any time.

Care Package from WA – We thought the slippers would hopefully attract a few smiles.

Recently, Poppy has been having a few dramas, so we decided to organise for my husband to do a surprise trip to visit everyone and check for himself that everyone is coping.  My husband’s sister was also competing in her first figure competition so it meant that he would be able to support her in this at the same time.  While I think everyone involved was glad to sneak that family weekend in, it does take a toll.  For my husband, who flew in from his work shift at 7pm on Thursday night and flew out at midnight the same night, had a busy weekend of catching up, and then caught a flight home on Monday which arrived back in Perth in the afternoon, this only allowed one measly night with us before he had to fly back to work the next day.  The following weekend was a party weekend to celebrate my eldest son’s 8th birthday with 10 extra boys coming over for a play at the park and a sleepover.  As you can imagine, there was quite a bit of planning and not much sleeping involved this weekend either.

Camp Chaos for the Weekend

Camp Chaos for the Weekend

So amidst all this chaos we have had the hubby home for 3 full days in 3 weeks, and while it is beginning to sound a little like a pity party, it’s not.  For I had a moment of clarity while wondering what the hell we were doing.  Why do we make all this effort and cause all this extra work and stress?  It brings to mind our annual family camping trips to Emu Park (which are awesome by the way and you can read about it here), it’s a lot of hard work and we grumble at each other and get a little tetchy.  Why? Why do these things?  And I realised that it is in the effort that we show our love.  Anyone can say I love you and it is easy to love in the good times.  But to commit and persist in the hard times, to put the effort in when you are already tired, that’s when you are really telling the people you love that you are there for them and that you love them to the moon and back.  My family was never a demonstrative family and we rarely say those words to each other, but I have never doubted their love because they show it in a million ways.


In the meantime there is only a week until school holidays where hopefully we will all get a chance to recharge, the hubby will take a couple of extra days here and there and we’ll catch up, and I’ll slowly keep chipping away at the hitlist.

What Inspires You?

I am currently in the process of getting back on track in terms of eating well and training hard.  It has been a fairly chaotic six months as most of you know.  For those who don’t, in a nutshell this is how my last six months have read:  husband received job offer on other side of country in January, got house ready for sale, moved to Perth four weeks later, found a rental and school for kids in one week, sold house in Queensland, adjusted adjusting to FIFO lifestyle, bought new house, cleaned and moved house…..which about brings us to present day.  I also survived a wet and chilly winter which I haven’t experienced in years.  There is just something about a cold winters night, a fire, a good book….and chocolate.  Needless to say a few sneaky kilos and some bad habits have crept up over winter and I am feeling ready to tackle them!

My first step for getting back on track is to get my head on straight.  I am trying to gather my inspiration and use it to gather momentum.


To get the ball rolling I thought I would share my thoughts on what inspires me.

1.  Family

Family inspires me in the good and bad kind of way.  You know how it goes….you are forever grateful and thankful for the family you have and think you have the best family in the world (cause I do), but then they can be so incredibly annoying and stupid that you just want to head slap them.  Take for example my parents (Hi Mum, Hi Dad).  They gave my sisters and I the best upbringing.  We grew up on a dairy farm and had so much room to roam and explore.  Think creeks, dams, acres and acres of paddocks, tree climbing, horse riding and lots of animals.  Of course we thought we were hard done by, we had to get the cows in and put them away in the dark most nights, feed the calves, help with milking, and hose the cow poo away from the yard.  OMG, shock horror, we had to help out.  Turns out we didn’t die and had a pretty good early foundation for an active childhood.  They also valued sports and we participated in netball, gymnastics, swimming, and any organised after school items like athletics and cross country training.

mums taxi

Dad had a love of the outdoors, and we were surrounded by some of the most amazing rainforest in the world on the Atherton Tablelands.  Dad would often go trekking through the bush and come back with lots of interesting stuff….the biggest moth I have ever seen, the biggest earth worm, and glowing mushrooms…I kid you not!  Dad even took my sisters and I, and a group of my friends from school on an overnight hiking trip to the Russell River leaving from the bottom of Mt Bartle Frere, when we were in high school.  So I have a lot to thank my parents for, as all the things I love about exercise was founded right there.  I am inspired to be that for my boys and want to stay fit enough to do that.

And in the head slapping kind of way….my family, more so on Dad’s side, have struggled with being overweight and the health issues associated with that.  My mum and dad both stopped playing sport sometime around my high school years and never picked up anything else.  They were really active with working on the farm but now that they are doing other work I worry about their health.  You are never too old to start and I keep nagging them.  They have worked hard and physically all their life.  They have always wanted more for us than they had….well I want more for them.  My dad has lost over 10kgs recently and I am hopeful that one day in the future he might take my boys and their cousins on an epic hiking trip also!  I don’t ever want to stop playing so I use this as a little inspiration also.

2.  YOU -my friends, my family, the people taking the time to read this blog, the everyday people around me.

So much inspiration comes from the people who surround me.  These are a few of the people who have inspired me recently:

  • My sister-in-law competing in her first figure competition at 42,
  • A good friend who has fought thyroid cancer, changed her life, raised 3 kids on her own, took her health into her own hands and lost over 30 kilos by eating well and training hard
  • A uni friend, mum of 2 boys, who ran her first 10km race since having kids.  Not only that but she ran it under 60mins and took out her category.
  • A friend’s Dad, who at 62 hiked Mt Bartle Frere (the tallest mountain in QLD) with us and put us all to shame.
  • A 68yrs young lady at the gym I used to work at who realised her own strength and fitness after meeting friends her own age that she hadn’t seen for some time.  I still remember that moment, when she looked at me and she just got it.  She just said “Beth, I am strong.  I can do anything I want, my friends looked old.”

I could go on, but you get the picture.  These inspirational people are everywhere we just have to take the time to notice and to let them know how wonderful they are.

3.  Me (But not in the “I’m so awesome” kind of way)

I am inspired by the person I want to be.  I want to make myself proud.  I want to keep plugging away, keep trying new things, learning, doing things I didn’t think I could, failing at times but always, always moving in an upward direction.

first time


 What inspires you?