Hitlist No.1 Completed…..Time to Reflect.

I think we all forget sometimes that it is the little steps that make a journey and in taking those little steps we are moving our lives in a new, exciting and somewhat unknown direction.  These items on the hitlist are just one small part of my weekly life.  As a mum of four boys I am often bogged down in the mundane and it is easy to feel like I am in groundhog day and going nowhere fast.  But as I look back at this hitlist, the photos, and the things I have done, I feel a little sense of satisfaction that I am at least moving and achieving something.  I am hopefully giving my boys a love of the outdoors, of enjoying movement in any form and a small taste of setting goals and working towards them.  So yes the hitlist items can be small things, but they are my goals and my chance to scratch out a little time just for me.  I have completed my first hitlist and I have enjoyed each and every item….except maybe the Perth to Fremantle crazy long bike ride!

Wahoooo all completed!!

Wahoooo all completed!!

Just a recap of the items on my first official hitlist…..

  1. Take the kids to Lesmurdie Falls
  2. Indoor Rockclimbing
  3. Complete the Statham Quarry Trail Walk (5.9km)
  4. Try a CrossFit class
  5. Register for an Adventurethon
  6. Complete the Lion’s Lookout Trail Walk (4.0km)
  7. Try a Hot Yoga Class
  8. Complete 100km in 1 week on my Stationary Bike
  9. Finish the Foam Roller and Fascial Release Course
  10. Ride from Perth to Fremantle and back

Ah so much fun…..now to post my new hitlist!!

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Hot Power Yoga

I have been a big fan of yoga for several years, so many principles of yoga are things that resonate with me as an Exercise Physiologist in terms of injury prevention, such as postural awareness, working on creating symmetry in movement, flexibility, stability, and a focus on breathing and centreing.  I’m not a die hard yogi and therefore there is a lot I am ignorant about……I’m not great at knowing the differences between the different yoga practices and I’m really not good with a lot of chanting and ‘Ohhhhmmms’, no disrespect meant.  I am more of the DIY yoga variety with a lot of my practice done at home with Yoga DVD’s.

The kids loved doing it with me too!!  Downward Dog anyone??

The kids join in too. Downward Dog anyone??

I used to be one of those people that scoffed at Yoga because it wasn’t a real workout, I wanted to be sweating, hurting, and unable to catch my breath, I didn’t have time for an hour of stretching (hehe little did I know).  But as I have got older and less flexible I wanted to look into this whole yoga thing a little more.  As mentioned, I started with you tube yoga clips, P90X yoga, and then eventually decided to try a class so that I could get some feedback on technique and progression.  I don’t do it nearly as often as I should, or would like to, but it always keeps drawing me back as you really do feel pretty wonderful after a session.

After moving to Perth I was searching for a yoga class to attend to get my fix and came across The Twisting Peacock Yoga Studio.  Firstly the name is just awesome, but it also had Hot Power Yoga.  Now I love a strong, flowing kind of yoga and I had never done a hot yoga class so it had to go on my hitlist.  If you have never done a yoga class then I suggest you read The Twisting Peacock’s Your First Class page.  For what its worth I think they did a great job on their website, everything I needed to know was right at my fingertips.

I booked in for my class online, printed out the first timers health questionnaire ready to take along with me, and off I went with my water bottle and my towel.  It would pay to book online as the class filled up quickly.  Usually in yoga classes you will get a range of different body types, but I swear this class was the postcard perfect yoga group, you know the leggy, lean, gorgeous type.  All I could think was that I bet none of them had to tuck their saggy, post baby belly into their yoga pants!!  Haha It made me feel slightly better when one of these girls was the first to break, and meekly asked our dominatrix style instructor when we we got a break??  In fairness the class was tough but great, and the instructor did a great job in making everyone feel welcome and well supervised.

I borrowed this photo from Twisting Peacock Yoga FB page.  Check it out for more info on what they get up to.

Twisting Peacock Yoga let me borrow this from their FB page. Check it out for more pics on some of the cool stuff they get up to.

As for the ‘hot’ yoga part, well it comes as no surprise that it was hot.  When I first got there it was pleasantly warm on a nice Winters day.  Actually I wanted to snuggle up and go back to bed if I am being completely honest, especially as I had a few drinks the night before with a group of Mum’s from school.  In no time at all though I was warmed up and starting to sweat.  Yep, Sweatty Bettie had made a return!  Initially I’m not sure I thought the hot room was necessary, but on second thoughts there is no way I would have got the range of movement that I did on my first session back.  Also, as your muscles are warm I think the work didn’t feel quite as hard as it actually was.  I walked away feeling tired but not too bad, but the next couple of days my muscles were telling me all about how much work we got through!   The other bonus was that I managed to sweat out the alcohol from the night before….not even dusty.  Winner!  I was chugging water for the rest of the day as well.  I really did enjoy my session and have booked to go again.

Subliminal message......

Subliminal message……