Riding to Pannawonica Hill

When we moved to Pannawonica, the most well known landmark that cropped up was Pannawonica Hill.  Apparently, the township’s name was actually derived from nearby Pannawonica Hill.  According to Wikipedia the hill was named by a surveyor in 1885 after the corresponding Aboriginal placename which is said to mean “the hill that came from the sea”. The traditional legend is that two local Aboriginal tribes were arguing over the ownership of the hill which was located by the sea. The sea spirit decided to resolve the dispute by moving the hill inland. As the hill was dragged over the land it left a deep indentation which became the Robe River.   With such cultural and historical relevance to the town it had to go on my Hitlist, and in the wet season it was a good place for a swim too.

Last week the family and I took the 4WD out to Panna Hill to check it out and go for a quick swim.  We had recently had a little rain so there was some nice mud puddles to drive through which kept the boys happy and the river was quite full as well so it was great for swimming.  I was happy to discover that the drive out was under 10km so this hitlist item would not be a difficult one to complete!

Due to the fact that we are in a remote location and I didn’t really want to get up close and personal with any of the local snakes while on my own, I decided that the hubby would drive the kids out for a swim and kayak while I rode out.  That way he could scare off all the snakes along the way and would be looking out for me if I had a stack or pulled up with a flat tyre.  Win, win.  While I had driven out the week before there is something different about coming across Pannawonica Hill under your own steam, it really is quite….beautiful? spiritual? Quite something that’s for sure and it was a great ride there and back.

So there you have it, mountain bike ride to Pannawonica Hill crossed of my current hitlist.  Quite an easy and scenic 15km return trip from Pannawonica.

Why not explore your own backyard in as many different ways as possible, you will experience a different perspective each and every time!



Get Involved with a MTB Social Ride

It is hard to believe that I have been in Perth for over 7 months already and while we have explored a little there is so much to see and do.  As I have finally officially registered for Adventurethon Albany I thought it was about time that I got serious about it and got back outside and hit the trails.  The hubby and I went for a short ride not long after moving to Perth, starting from the Camel Farm, yes the Camel Farm apparently that’s where it all happens up here in the hills!

Kalamunda Camel Farm...its where its at!!

Kalamunda Camel Farm…all sorts of fun up in the Perth Hills!!

This ride was a bit haphazard as we didn’t really know where to go or how long these trails would take so we just sort of pottered around all the shorter, beginner trails.  I haven’t been out since then as I have been hesitant to go out on my own when I don’t know the trails, and it has been wet and cold and I was happy to stay home in my ugg boots!  So time to shake off the winter blues, get out there again and cross an item off the hitlist.  After a bit of research I found Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective website, with maps and details of social rides.  It doesn’t seem to matter what sport you are involved in, chances are you will be able to link up with locals/enthusiasts of the sport and get the rundown.  It is amazing to see people volunteer their time and experience to show people who are new to the sport or to the area around the local trails.  I am really grateful to those that organise these social rides and are happy to plod along at the back with the slower riders (namely me), and hopefully I will get a chance to pay it forward in the future.

It was a really great ride and there are some fantastic trails up here in the Perth Hills.  I haven’t been out on some decent trails for quite awhile and lacked a bit of confidence.  Well that’s my excuse for being so slow and getting my butt whipped by all the over 50’s age group!

Love all MTB trail names...Lube me up, Rocky Balboa, Horny Devil, are just a few I rode on the weekend.

Love all MTB trail names…Lube me up, Rocky Balboa, Horny Devil, are just a few I rode on the weekend.

Love the trails....although trees and I have a love hate relationship.  I often struggle to get through gaps without hitting my handlebars lol.  I'm so cool!!

Love the unexpected on the trails….although trees and I have a love hate relationship. I often struggle to get through gaps without hitting my handlebars lol. I’m so cool!!

My first wooden berms....weeeeeee!!  No stacks either!

My first wooden berms….weeeeeee!! No stacks either!

I went ok for the first two hours but really struggled with the last 30minutes…..Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?

Ahhhh...thank god for the Mumma Wagon!!  Tarago's look cooler with a MTB strapped to the back right??

Ahhhh…thank god for the Mumma Wagon!! Tarago’s look cooler with a MTB strapped to the back right??