5 Reasons to Love Palm Cove

I have been dreaming of a holidays lately and it brought to mind one of my favourite getaway locations.  Palm Cove in Tropical North Queensland.  I love Palm Cove.  I think everyone needs to spend a relaxing weekend here.  In recent years I have been twice and it has not disappointed either time.  Here are 5 reasons why everyone should book a getaway to Palm Cove (this is not a sponsored post I just really love it that much).

1.   Well firstly there’s this view…..

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2.  It is easily accessible for a quick getaway weekend.

It is only 20 minutes from Cairns Airport and 25 minutes to the Esplanade in Cairns.  From Palm Cove to Port Douglas, gateway to the Daintree, it is only another 40 minutes along one of the most magnificent coastal drives you will do.


Palm Cove

3.  There are a range of accommodation options to suit every budget.

Last year we had a group of four and we stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment that was about a ten minute walk from the beach and restaurants.  It was lovely.  The walk was really picturesque and a nice way to wind down after a lovely dinner out.  If you want to read a little more about our accommodation and trip last year head over to my sister’s blog post on Palm Cove – Bell Girls Weekend 2014.  Her photos of Palm Cove are beautiful.

This year we were a little closer to the beach, at Hotel Grand Chancellor, only a short 5 minute stroll across the wooden boardwalk over the mangroves.   We paid approximately $245 for two nights accommodation.  The rooms were a little dated but very comfortable and surroundings were quite pretty.


There are plenty of beachfront accommodation options for those wanting a really glamorous weekend away, and more modest options for those still wanting to treat but without a huge dent in the budget.  There is also Palm Cove Holiday Park which offers camping and caravan options only 30m from the beach itself and looks fantastic.

3.  The food and dining options are great.  

Whether it is a fine dining experience you are after, a casual affair, feeding the family, or the self catering option, Palm Cove has it all.  I can recommend Vivo Bar and Grill for a delicious dinner and The Rising Sun Bar and Bistro for great coffee, good food, and a huge chocolatey, turkish delight brownie.

I have to admit that my favourite place for breakfast, lunch, and lazy afternoon cocktails was Chill Cafe.  Coffee was fantastic, breakfast and food was delicious, and staff very friendly and helpful.  The view was just perfect and everything came together to provide the perfect combination of holiday relaxation at its best.


4.  Great options for fantastic day trips.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Port Douglas.  It is a little more ‘touristy’ and is resort central but the markets are great and good for a spot of shopping.  Food and entertainment options are great too.  Port Douglas also has a lovely, quaint church that is beautiful to have a quick look around and a few lookouts and lighthouses were also worth a quick look.

If you have never been to Cairns, a trip to the Esplanade is well worth it and maybe a trip out to the Islands and The Great Barrier Reef.  On the previous girls trip we also spent the day shopping in Cairns and you could also catch a movie.

The hubby and I also decided to check out Cairns Botanic Gardens and try the Red Arrow/Blue Arrow walk which is known to be the fitness challenge hotspot for the locals.  Now we were on holiday and hubby refused  so we decided to just do a taste test and complete the 1.3km Red Arrow walk and not the 5.4km Blue Arrow track.  Just a reminder to those that haven’t been to Tropical North Queensland in summer….bring lots of water and be prepared to sweat!!  The good thing about the track though is that it is mostly well shaded which keeps it a lot cooler.

5.  It is all about unwinding.

Palm Cove is made for relaxing, for taking a moment out of our busy lives and just stopping and enjoying the little things in life.  There is no rushing or pressure to be dressed ‘just right’, its all about appreciating the people who you are with, in beautiful, unspoiled surroundings.  Great location, great food, great company……what more do you need?


Helloooo from Pannawonica

Well I am finally back in action after quite a long leave of absence.  What have I been up to?  Let me give you a quick summary of all the things that I have been doing over the last five weeks….

  • We packed up our house and prepared it for rental before flying the 5 hours back east to visit family.
  • My husband and I had a lovely couple of days in Palm Cove, kid free, to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.Palm Cove Collage
  • Stayed with my sister and had some fun on the Blue Sky Farm
  • Beach Holiday with extended family and friends at the lovely Bramston Beach.  My sister has already done a great blog post about that one so if you want to see how much fun we had, read all about Bramston Beach here.Beach
  • Climbed a mountain or two…Baldy Walsh's Pyramid
  • Walked around a lake and of course swam in said lakeLake4.jpg
  • Swam in some beautiful tropical north Queensland locationsJo Falls Babinda Boulders
  • Visited with lots of family and friends
  • Went off road to visit a beautiful little known waterfall 4wd Mackenzie Falls2 Mackenzie Falls MFalls
  • Flew back to the west coast before embarking on a road trip of 1600km to move to our new home town of Pannawonica in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.leaving perth Mesa Panna2 Panna3
  • Visited the dolphins at the beautiful Monkey Mia Monkey Mia Dolphin Shell Beach

It has been a busy, but wonderful four weeks and now we are finally settling in to our new life at Pannawonica.   It is a small town of approximately 800 people with one grocery store, a gym, a school, medical centre, library, post office, tavern and sports club, and a pool.  We can walk from one end of town to the other in about 10 minutes and I have learnt that a ‘Bung Arrow’ is a goanna.  Apparently the locals feed the goanna’s to keep the snakes away.  I have heard that the flies are not so bad this year but even so I have snorted quite a few from my nostrils and have had my husband look at me like I am a creature from another world as I preceded to gag, cough, spit, and splutter in front of him to try and stop myself from swallowing a fly.  Hmmm, such a lady, needless to say I had already swallowed the fly.  The temperature has been mid to high forties this week with the highest being 49oC.  Despite all this I think we will quite enjoy our time here and I have a hitlist already started!! I have a backlog of blog posts that I will get to in the near future including the following:

  • A wrap up of my previous hitlist
  • The best things to do in FNQ
  • Climbing Walsh’s Pyramid
  • Reasons to check out Monkey Mia
  • My new Exercise Hitlist

I will also be trying to add a few more Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention posts in the future.  If you want to hear more about anything else that I have done over the last few weeks or other topics in general please let me know in the comments.