The Liebster Award – Exploring New Blogs

As I mentioned in a previous blog post I am participating in a Blogging 101 course run by The Daily Post on Word Press.  Well, I am trying to participate as much as possible although school holidays fell right in the middle which is not conducive to keeping up with all the tasks!  I have come across some great blogs and have enjoyed reading and interacting with the authors.  The adventurous Saana from Live Now – Dream Later has kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award (Thank you!), which is a chance to let you all know a few interesting things that you may not have known about me and a chance for me to give a shout out to a few of the blogs that I am following at the moment and that you may enjoy also.


Rules of the Liebster Award:

Post the award on your blog.

Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.

Write 11 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.

Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

So here are 11 random facts about myself:

  1. I’m not a rule breaker….in fact I find it really difficult to break even the smallest of rules, like crossing that yellow line at the train station, can’t do it, or starting to cross the road when the little man is flashing red even though that green man was only up for a second!  Haven’t even smoked a cigarette cause my parents said I shouldn’t.
  2. I’ve swum with mantarays in the Carribbean.
  3. My wedding song was Black Betty by Spiderbait, well it started with Elton John’s ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ to satisfy protocol but after 2 minutes it cut away to Black Betty because we wanted everyone know we were there to paaarrttyy.
  4. I have bunjy jumped twice – Once in Cairns on a Maths C excursion as a practical experiment of potential energy or something along those lines, and once in New Zealand.
  5. I have shared in a $300 bottle of wine and I couldn’t tell you whether it was amazing or not.  That was back in the days when a $10 cask of wine and some orange juice was a standard drink! I know….
  6. I was School Captain in high school. It goes back to that whole rule-abiding, good girl thing.
  7. I have jumped out of a perfectly good plane over Trinity Beach in Cairns, three days before my wedding.  My dad wasn’t impressed but my future husband said I could….
  8. I have ridden an elephant in Thailand.
  9. I have attempted Cow Tipping in the dark of the night (c’mon I did grow up on a dairy farm) and just for the record they don’t really fall asleep while standing and you can’t just tip them over….who knew?
  10. I ended up in the pool…after my reception…in my wedding dress.  You had to be there OK!  It was really hot, we had danced all night and were all hot and sweaty, everyone else was in the pool and swimmers were not something I thought to pack for my wedding night.  So I succumbed to peer pressure, took a running leap and dived into the hotel pool.  Thought my new husband would get cranky at me….turns out he thought it was a pretty good idea and dove in right next to me!   Ahhh true love.
  11. My last labour was a 12 hour marathon of pain, no drugs, posterior position bub (his back to my back, read painful), VBAC, followed by a post partum haemorrhage.  So a memorable night for all the right and wrong reasons.  Why tell you this….cause I felt like such a bad ass for surviving that night with no drugs and it explains why I laugh like a crazy woman everytime anyone asks me if I am having another child (as if four kids in under four years didn’t challenge my sanity enough?).  Yeah….No.

So that is 11 things you may not have known about me and maybe wish you didn’t! On to the next step in this process which is to nominate 11 blogs for this award.  They can choose to accept or pass if they wish, but go on over and check out their blogs.

  1. Are We There Yet?
  2. Travelling is an Adventure
  3. Aussie Daggs
  4. Vital Mommy
  5. The Likkleone
  6. No More Can’t
  7. When Life Gives You Melons
  8. The Old Fellow Goes Running
  9. Of Itchy Feet and Beyond
  10. Tiff Gets Into Fitness
  11. Body Transformation

Finally, time to answer the questions posed by Live Now – Dream Later

1. What is your biggest dream in life?My biggest dream in life is to build a sports club/or school/ or community building in a third world country with my husband and kids (when they are old enough to appreciate the experience) and extended family and friends if they want to.  I want to do something amazing, memorable, and lasting as a family.  Something that will make a difference to lives other than ours.

2. Are you planning to make it happen and how?  I am not clear on all the details, not by a long shot, but it is something that sits at the back of my mind and ticks away , always looking for opportunities.  I figure I have another 10 years or so before the kids are ready for this kind of opportunity.

3. If you could live in any other country except the one you are from, what would it be?  I love Australia and can’t really imagine living anywhere else and to be honest I haven’t done nearly enough travelling to make an informed decision.  Canada would be a place I would consider though.

4. If you became a millionaire, what would be the first thing you bought/invest in?  I know nothing about money or investing so first thing I would do would be to pay someone to manage my money for me, lol.  The other thing I would use the money for would be to pay for one big family trip each year with the parents, sisters and cousins.  Love our family gatherings!

5. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life this far?  Hmmm, two situations come to mind, falling off my bike across the path of two oncoming riders, while I was stationary (as you do), and the other was almost fainting in a classroom after just moving to Perth.  No one knew me except as the crazy lady lying on the floor of the classroom while the paramedics checked me out.  Not embarrassing at all.  

6. What is your favourite sport (to do, not to watch)?  Would have to be Mountain Biking at the moment.  Love being outdoors and love the variety and challenge of different trails.

7. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard/read of?  Couldn’t answer this question so I Googled it, yep, that turned up some crazy stuff and I may have gotten distracted, but anyway here is a link to the weirdest stuff that has happened in 2014. 

8. What is the biggest reason why you decided to accept this challenge?  Firstly I was a bit excited at being nominated for an award but then I realised it was a fun concept.  And I love reading about people’s random facts, so I thought why not?

9. What would be your dream job?  Something that combines, travel, outdoor activity/exercise, and my love of coaching/training people.  Wouldn’t mind running/owning my own gym one day?

10. What is the scariest thing that has ever occurred to you?  When I was 8 or 9 years old, my sister and I had to put the cows away in ‘the Far Away paddock’ which as you could imagine was the paddock the furthest away from the dairy and house.  It was right on dark so by the time we put them away we were running home in the dark.  We were already running holding hands cause we were a little wary of the dark, but our parents, while waiting for us to get back, thought it would be a little funny to hide behind a bush and jump out and yell ‘ARRRGGHHH’ at us.  We both screamed like the little girls that we were, I think I fell to the ground and my sister turned and ran the other way.  My parents tell us that they still feel guilty to this day…….all I can say is so they should!! lol

11. What would you do if you found a brand new iPhone 6 on the street that someone has lost?  As I know next to nothing about the latest gadgets I would probably have to ask my 8 yr old what it was.  Then I would try some of the numbers to see if I could contact anyone to let them know what I had found.  If there was no luck with contacts I would have to say I would probably say ‘Finders Keepers’.  Eeeek…is that bad?

Now I am supposed to ask a series of questions for my nominated blogs, however the rules are a little sketchy on just how many questions I have to ask,  I think it is 11 but I am only going to ask 5 questions as this whole process has taken me a lot longer than expected!! I kept getting distracted, reading blogs, googling things…you know how it is.  So five questions and I will hand the award on….

  1. What are your top 5 exercise/health goals?
  2. What is your favourite holiday destination?  Why?
  3. Where did you find your favourite coffee spot ever??  (If you are not a coffee drinker, I don’t know if we can still be friends!)
  4. What are 3 things on your bucket list?
  5. Tell us about your most romantic moment?

Well that was fun, don’t forget to check out some new blogs and hopefully a few of those nominated will play along.  I know I haven’t played strictly by the rules as some of the blogs are not new or under 200 followers (but I googled the Liebster Award and the rules seem to change all the time, a bit like Chinese Whispers, so I don’t feel too bad!).  Enjoy and I will get back on task next time!

P.S.  I was also nominated for ‘The One Lovely Blog’ Award by the lovely Kylie over at Body Transformation.

As I was in the middle of doing this challenge I have decided to pass on the follow up of that nomination, but I wanted to thank Kylie for the shout out and don’t forget to head over and check out her blog on keeping fit and healthy after 40 (and after four kids).

7 Ways to get the Kids Active and Outdoors

On my current hitlist I have listed an Active Kids challenge as something I wanted to complete.  Basically, I wanted to have a good hard look at how much time my kids actually spent outdoors and active, and then focus on specifically planning a week of activities that will ensure that my kids are outside and active for at least an hour every day.  I decided to do this in the school holidays initially as it would keep them (and me) out of trouble and there wouldn’t be the obvious time constraints that come with the school term.  In saying that I also want to try this during the school term to see what changes I could incorporate into our daily lives.

There are many reasons that kids, and adults, should be staying active for at least an hour every day and these are just some of them:

  • It helps kids think better (also check out this link too on the benefits of daily activity and improved brain function)
  • It is good for emotional health
  • It is good for motor development and weight control
  • A family that exercises together, stays together…don’t have any research on that one, but it is what I believe!
  • It is fun
  • The great outdoors are just beautiful.  The opportunities for exploring our surrounding areas are all in our grasp if we just make the effort to look.
  • For the most part it is free

I am sure these reasons come as no surprise to anyone so why aren’t we all doing it?  Are our excuses legitimate or have we fallen into a bit of a rut and not thought outside the box about how we could fit it in?  Are our priorities in order?  I like to think that my kids are fairly active but when I took a good look at how much ‘moderate’ exercise they do I think we would only meet the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines for physical activity on 4-5 days out of a possible 7 days.  Hence my wish to pick up my game, make a plan for the holidays, and see if I could do 7 days of outdoor activity for more than an hour each day…..

ONE – Mountain biking – Check out your local mountain biking club for information on your closest trails.

Mountain biking - check out your local mountain biking club for information on your closest trails.

TWO – Head to a new park. Have you explored all your local parks?

Head to a new park.  Have you explored all your local parks?

THREE – Head to the beach. Australia is an island people, so for most of us our closest beach isn’t that far away.

Head to the beach.  We live on an island so for most of us our closest beach isn't that far away.

FOUR – Good old fashioned fun at a creek.

Good old fashioned fun at a creek.

FIVE – Find a local bike path – Where does it take you?

Find a local bike path - Where does it take you?

SIX – Spend a day at home – gardening, playing, jumping, riding.

Spend a day at home - gardening, playing, jumping, riding.  In this case they helped us carry and load all our camping gear too.

SEVEN – Go camping! Great way to recharge the batteries and have some quality family time.

Go camping!  Great way to recharge the batteries and have some quality family time.

So there you have it, seven great ways to get outside and have some fun with the kids.  What are your favourite ways to get outdoors and stay active?

Journey to Adventurethon – Update 3

I know, I know, I have been slack with my blogging over the last couple of weeks but I have been in recovery mode after the busy couple of weeks leading up to the end of Term 3….where has this year gone??  I am currently enjoying the school holidays with the kidlets and have made some progress on my current hitlist, yay!!  So I have a few posts that I am itching to share and I will try and complete them this week.  If you have been missing me (you never know, someone might) don’t forget to pop over and check out my facebook page or #theexercisehitlist on instagram which I usually update fairly regularly.

To get back into the blogging groove I thought I would kick off with a quick update post on my journey to Adventurethon Albany which is starting to loom closer and closer.  School holidays has made training a little harder but I am happy to say that I am still managing to keep the sessions up.


Monday – Rest Day.  Absolutely exhausted after the sleepover weekend for 14 boys.

Tuesday – Ride on exercise bike, 60 mins and 36km.

Wednesday – CrossFit in the morning.  Week 5 run 1 of running program in afternoon while kids at basketball practice.

Thursday – Ride on exercise bike, 45 mins and 25km.  Jog to park in the afternoon with the kids on bikes.

Friday – CrossFit in the morning, Week 5 run 2 in afternoon with my 4 yr old on his bike (before school pick up)

Saturday – Exercise bike 60mins and 35km

Sunday – Week 5 run 3, I ran for just over 20mins and completed 4km without stopping!  This was a big moment for me and I felt quite proud of myself.  Went mountain biking with the kids in the afternoon.

One of the greatest momets


Monday – Exercise bike 70mins and 41km.  Took the kids to Kings Park Variety Place and to the Anzac memorial.

Tuesday – Rest Day.  School holidays so I took the kids for a beach walk and play.

Wednesday – CrossFit.  Took the kids to a local creek for a play with their friends.

Thursday – Packed the bikes in the car for the kids to ride while I did a run (Wk6,run1) along the beautiful Swan River in Perth. Had a play and a picnic after the run.

Friday – CrossFit.  Preparing for a camping trip.

Saturday – Snuck away for a run around the Lake at our camping spot.

Sunday – Small ride around the lake with the family.  Wet and miserable day.

All in all not too bad considering it is the school holidays.  Nutrition and diet was a complete write off this week, aaarrgghh will have to get back on top of this as soon as possible.  Really struggling to eat the way I need to and will have to get back to recording a food diary I think.  I have one more week of holidays to get through and then I will review where I am at and start stepping up a notch again.

Journey to Adventurethon – Update 2

So I am still plugging away and feeling pretty proud of my consistency and that my body is holding up quite well.


Monday –  CrossFit first session! Scary…

Tuesday –  Rest Day and Foam Roller session

Wednesday – Mountainbike Ride (60mins), Wk 3 Run 1 after getting home.

Thursday – CrossFit

Friday – Exercise Bike (45mins, 25km) and Foam Roller session

Saturday – Wk 3 Run 2 with all four boys on their bikes.

Sunday – Exercise Bike (50mins, 28km), 4km walk at King’s Park with the kids


Monday – Wk 3, Run 3, followed by a strength session. (Set 1: Bench Press/Pull through with rotation/Push Ups, Set 2: Lat Pulldown/Squat Thrusters/Low lunge with 10xrows each side) 3 times through each set.

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – CrossFit in the morning, Wk 4 Run 1 in the afternoon

Thursday – Exercise Bike (60mins, 36km) followed by a small 2km walk/run with 2 kids and 2 extra bikes to pick up other 2 kids from friends place.

Friday – Crossfit in the morning (was dreading it because I was so sore), Wk 4 Run 2 in the afternoon with my eldest boy.

Saturday – Party Day for my eldest.  Only managed to play Bullrush at the park, which was quite a few sprints so I am counting it!!

Sunday – Wk 4 Run 3 completed in the rain and so tired from sleepover party for 14 boys the night before.

Motivation - Be awesome

This was a tough two weeks to get through as I started CrossFit, stepped up with my sessions, increased my runs slightly, and my husband was away for most of this time.  So I was really wrecked, my body aching more days than not, and I have to admit I questioned my ability to fit it all in.  I have tried to go to bed a little earlier the last couple of days and had a rest day yesterday and I am feeling quite a bit refreshed.  The body feels quite good, shins/legs have settled down so I think the shoes have made a big difference and I do believe just sticking with the run program is allowing my body to adjust to the running.  I also think the foam rolling is making a big difference too.

In terms of diet, I still have plenty of room for improvement.  I still need to make sure I am drinking a lot more and had a couple of slip ups with party food which I am not too worried about.  On the whole I feel like my nutrition is going ok.  I feel like I am toning up and clothes are feeling a little looser as well.  Winning!

Goals for the next two weeks will be stepping up again with the running and maintaining nutrition as much as possible.  It is going to be school holidays next week which will make it a little more difficult to get my sessions in…will just have to get creative.  I have also bought 2x sessions of kayak hire so Snooze and I can go for a bit of a paddle to get the feel of what we need to do.  I have been looking for a secondhand kayak on Gumtree but haven’t got lucky yet.  Feeling quietly confident that I can do this……I think.

Sometimes Life Just Gets in the Way

You may have noticed that progress through this current hitlist is a little slow at the moment.  Life is getting in the way.  For one thing, it is nearing the end of the school term and for our little family that tends to mean that kids are starting to tire, immune systems are down (go away snotty noses, sore throats, and coughing), and tempers are starting to fray.  I am sick of school lunches, sick of washing and trying to find uniforms, sick of homework, and sick of my own cooking.  Added to all that, my father-in-law has not been well.  Over this past six months or so, the decision was made to put him in a nursing home, which is a choice that comes with a lot of desperation, love, guilt, and hope that it is the right decision.  As we now live on the other side of the country it is something that we can only watch from a distance and send the odd care package to let them know that they are in our thoughts.

We thought the slippers would get a few smiles.  You have to find reasons to smile at any time.

Care Package from WA – We thought the slippers would hopefully attract a few smiles.

Recently, Poppy has been having a few dramas, so we decided to organise for my husband to do a surprise trip to visit everyone and check for himself that everyone is coping.  My husband’s sister was also competing in her first figure competition so it meant that he would be able to support her in this at the same time.  While I think everyone involved was glad to sneak that family weekend in, it does take a toll.  For my husband, who flew in from his work shift at 7pm on Thursday night and flew out at midnight the same night, had a busy weekend of catching up, and then caught a flight home on Monday which arrived back in Perth in the afternoon, this only allowed one measly night with us before he had to fly back to work the next day.  The following weekend was a party weekend to celebrate my eldest son’s 8th birthday with 10 extra boys coming over for a play at the park and a sleepover.  As you can imagine, there was quite a bit of planning and not much sleeping involved this weekend either.

Camp Chaos for the Weekend

Camp Chaos for the Weekend

So amidst all this chaos we have had the hubby home for 3 full days in 3 weeks, and while it is beginning to sound a little like a pity party, it’s not.  For I had a moment of clarity while wondering what the hell we were doing.  Why do we make all this effort and cause all this extra work and stress?  It brings to mind our annual family camping trips to Emu Park (which are awesome by the way and you can read about it here), it’s a lot of hard work and we grumble at each other and get a little tetchy.  Why? Why do these things?  And I realised that it is in the effort that we show our love.  Anyone can say I love you and it is easy to love in the good times.  But to commit and persist in the hard times, to put the effort in when you are already tired, that’s when you are really telling the people you love that you are there for them and that you love them to the moon and back.  My family was never a demonstrative family and we rarely say those words to each other, but I have never doubted their love because they show it in a million ways.


In the meantime there is only a week until school holidays where hopefully we will all get a chance to recharge, the hubby will take a couple of extra days here and there and we’ll catch up, and I’ll slowly keep chipping away at the hitlist.

Blogging 101 – Why am I Blogging?

I am fairly new to this whole blogging thing and it is a case of ‘the more you know the more you don’t know’ for me.  I decided to register in Blogging 101 hosted by The Daily Post as a chance to learn more about blogging, discover some new blogs, and get some feedback on my blog and what is and isn’t working.  For those of you following my blog, I really appreciate it and hope you learn a bit more about me throughout this challenge and I would love your feedback too!

So without further ado here are my answers to the first task set for us….

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

The reason I decided to blog publicly was that I felt that I had a story to tell.  I also felt that I had the knowledge and a passion for my topic (exercise of any sort) which would hopefully encourage other people to come along for the ride and join in where they could.  Oh, and I will admit that I like the accountability factor….it feels like once I have posted my goal that I then have the whole world watching to make sure I follow through.  Usually its just a handful of family and friends…..Hi Guys!! I also have a great supporter that I met through Word Press and he has a fantastic photography blog over at The Ouachita Shutterbug.  Go check it out you won’t be disappointed.

  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?

Exercise, health, and the great outdoors of course.  More than that, it is also about family, motivation, life, travelling, and that eternal struggle to find the balance between all of the above.

  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

I would love to connect with anyone who has thought about living a more active life, those that love being outdoors, those training for a particular event, the super fit, the super unfit, basically anyone who is trying to be better than the person they were yesterday!


  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

Over the course of a year I would love to have experienced and shared many adventures and many firsts.  I would like to have improved my writing and developed my blog into something that is easy to use and interesting to read.  One of the biggest accomplishments that I wish to achieve is to have at least ten people say to me “Hey Beth, I have started a Hitlist and am doing things that I have been wanting to do for ages!!”.  Why ten? Well I would have been happy for just one person to try something different but a few people have already let me know that they have started a hitlist, very excited by that, so I had to aim a little higher.  If I have more than that get involved then I would be a happy little blogger!!


It’s Not About Exercise, It’s About Life.

You could be forgiven for thinking that I am all about exercise and I know many people don’t get my love of exercise, or wish that they did love it and that it was easy for them.  The truth is I don’t always feel like it, that sometimes the chaos of having four young boys and a husband that works away makes me want to sit on the couch, eat chocolate, and survive the days until my husband walks in the door and my world rights itself.  But I have been that person, stuck at home with 4 kids under 3 1/2 years old, treading water, not being able to find the joy in my life.  Don’t get me wrong I find joy in my children, in my husband, and in my family, but I wasn’t able to find joy in myself.  It wasn’t just the extra weight that bothered me it was the fact that when I looked to the future, what sort of mother did I want to be?  I wanted to be able to go camping, ride, walk or swim with the boys, sit in those awful, tiny, plastic chairs at kindy and school without breaking them.  I wanted to go on waterslides with them, swing on swings, jump on trampolines, climb trees, sit on the beach in my swimmers, and hike to the tallest mountain and watch the sun set.  Those are the things that bring me pleasure, that calm me, that make me happy to be alive.  Its the doing, not the having of things that has always driven me.  The only way that I know how to be that mother is to be fit, healthy, and strong.  I think to be strong is to be empowered, especially for a woman.

Be a Part Collage

As mentioned I often feel that people think that I am this crazy exercise person.  For example, when a couple of girlfriends and I decided to climb the tallest mountain in Queensland, Mt Bartle Frere, another mother friend said to me in passing, “You must really love mountain climbing.”  Of course I nodded and agreed, but it is not about the mountain climbing.  Or the mountain bike race.  Or the adventurethon.  Or a 5km walk if thats where you are at.  It’s about asking the question of yourself, “Can I do it?”.  It’s about putting a plan in place and making it work.  It’s about having confidence in yourself to get things done.  It’s about standing at the top of the damn mountain, feeling like you can touch the clouds and realizing that you can do anything!!



What’s your dream for the future?  Are you going to be fit and healthy enough to live it??

Linking in again with Essentially Jess for IBOT.

Kings Park Treetop Walk….A Photo Journey

Through the course of my new blogging hobby I have come across a fit mother of two who blogs over at Fit Mother Hubbard.  One of my favourite things that she is doing is to have a family active day on a Saturday or Sunday for all of 2014.  You can read about it in this link.  Such a small thing, but such a great way to make fitness a priority but also something that is fun and just part of family life!  I try to incorporate family fitness fun into our everyday life but it got me thinking whether I do commit to this as much as I could?  Could I make sure that our family participates in a family active day once a week for a whole year?  I am going to give it a crack and I hope a few of you will join me too.

Tying in with this goal was the Kings Park Tree Top Walk that I have been wanting to do with the kids which is on my current hitlist.  Hubby was away this weekend and the kids and I were in need of an outing before it ended in tears from one or all of us!!  I only had my eldest son’s ipod as I forgot to grab the memory card for the camera before I left the house….but here is our Sunday family active day!

It is Spring Festival at Kings Park which I had temporarily forgotten until there were no parking spots to be found.  We ended up over the other side of the park and a little more of a hike and adjustment in plans.  Kids were thrilled...whinge, whinge, moan, moan.

It is Spring Festival at Kings Park which I had temporarily forgotten until we saw all the people and discovered there were no parking spots to be found. We ended up over the other side of the park with a little more of a hike.

After a hike up and over the hill we made it to the tree top suspension bridge.  Spectacular views.

After a hike up and over the hill we made it to the tree top suspension bridge. Spectacular views.

It is very difficult to fit us all in for a selfie.

It is very difficult to fit us all in for a selfie.

There is something about a smooth green hill that just asks for kids to roll down it!

There is something about a smooth green hill that just asks for kids to roll down it!

View from the top of the DNA Tower.

View from the top of the DNA Tower.

Sometimes I had to carry the youngest....or the two scooters.....or both.  Kids were a little over the walk (just under 2km there and 2km back) so had to resort to good old fashioned bribery in the form of ice cream to get them home.

Sometimes I had to carry the youngest….or the two scooters…..or both. Kids were a little over the walk (just under 2km there and 2km back) so I had to resort to the promise of ice cream to get them home.

Lots of people out and about in Kings Park today...fancy some tightrope walking?

Lots of people out and about in Kings Park today…fancy some tightrope walking?

Spring in Western Australia with all the wildflowers is just stunning!

Spring in Western Australia with all the wildflowers is just stunning!

A well deserved play at the end of our walk!

A well deserved play at the end of our walk.


Get Involved with a MTB Social Ride

It is hard to believe that I have been in Perth for over 7 months already and while we have explored a little there is so much to see and do.  As I have finally officially registered for Adventurethon Albany I thought it was about time that I got serious about it and got back outside and hit the trails.  The hubby and I went for a short ride not long after moving to Perth, starting from the Camel Farm, yes the Camel Farm apparently that’s where it all happens up here in the hills!

Kalamunda Camel Farm...its where its at!!

Kalamunda Camel Farm…all sorts of fun up in the Perth Hills!!

This ride was a bit haphazard as we didn’t really know where to go or how long these trails would take so we just sort of pottered around all the shorter, beginner trails.  I haven’t been out since then as I have been hesitant to go out on my own when I don’t know the trails, and it has been wet and cold and I was happy to stay home in my ugg boots!  So time to shake off the winter blues, get out there again and cross an item off the hitlist.  After a bit of research I found Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective website, with maps and details of social rides.  It doesn’t seem to matter what sport you are involved in, chances are you will be able to link up with locals/enthusiasts of the sport and get the rundown.  It is amazing to see people volunteer their time and experience to show people who are new to the sport or to the area around the local trails.  I am really grateful to those that organise these social rides and are happy to plod along at the back with the slower riders (namely me), and hopefully I will get a chance to pay it forward in the future.

It was a really great ride and there are some fantastic trails up here in the Perth Hills.  I haven’t been out on some decent trails for quite awhile and lacked a bit of confidence.  Well that’s my excuse for being so slow and getting my butt whipped by all the over 50’s age group!

Love all MTB trail names...Lube me up, Rocky Balboa, Horny Devil, are just a few I rode on the weekend.

Love all MTB trail names…Lube me up, Rocky Balboa, Horny Devil, are just a few I rode on the weekend.

Love the trails....although trees and I have a love hate relationship.  I often struggle to get through gaps without hitting my handlebars lol.  I'm so cool!!

Love the unexpected on the trails….although trees and I have a love hate relationship. I often struggle to get through gaps without hitting my handlebars lol. I’m so cool!!

My first wooden berms....weeeeeee!!  No stacks either!

My first wooden berms….weeeeeee!! No stacks either!

I went ok for the first two hours but really struggled with the last 30minutes…..Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?

Ahhhh...thank god for the Mumma Wagon!!  Tarago's look cooler with a MTB strapped to the back right??

Ahhhh…thank god for the Mumma Wagon!! Tarago’s look cooler with a MTB strapped to the back right??


Journey to Adventurethon Albany

I thought I would do a quick update every couple of weeks on how my training for my first adventurethon is progressing for anyone who is interested.

Focus this week was to start running and get into a bit of a routine.

Focus this week was to start running and get into a bit of a routine.

Was going to start CrossFit this week but sick with a cold so I decided to stay with similar program to last week.

Was going to start CrossFit this week but sick with a cold so I decided to stay with similar program to last week.

So overall I am happy with where I am at and the body seems to be holding up OK.  I have ordered a new pair of running shoes that I am hoping will help me out with some calf and shin pain.  It is only niggling and I have really been hitting it with the roller and stretching.  After a rest from running it seems to recover OK at the moment.  My biggest focus now is on getting the diet on track.  While I have lost just over 1kg in the last two weeks, it really should be more considering the exercise I am doing, and I know my chocolate addiction is to blame.  Damn you chocolate!!  My goal is to lose 5kg in the next 5 weeks.  I usually find that if I increase my water intake (leave a jug on the bench), increase my greens (some at every meal), and ban all chocolate, I find that I am able to drop the weight.  I eat carbs at breakfast, but then don’t eat a lot of simple carbs during the rest of the day.

If you know any good links for a fitness journey of any kind, for weight loss, or regarding nutrition please feel free to leave a link in the comments section.  That would be great!!

Your body can stand almost anything