Grand Pacific Drive

This is one of those drives that you want to be in some kind of fancy convertible with the top down, hair streaming in the wind, red lipstick on and not a care in the world for those precious minutes it takes to complete the drive….


Meanwhile in real life, I was in a family car with my mother-in-law and four less than impressed kids.  Same, same really, but there was nothing to stop us still appreciating the journey.

The first time we did this drive was when we were returning from visiting my father-in-law on Christmas Day in the nursing home that he now lives.  While it was a good visit and he is comfortable there, I have to admit that it is still a little depressing to think that that is where it ends for him.  Life is short, these little reminders are what motivates me to make the most of life, explore, make a difference, grasp opportunity where ever possible.  So in true Beth style as we were leaving I asked my husband if we could take the coastal drive home.  My husband loves plans and hates when I spring last minute changes on him, and usually it is 50/50 chance on whether he agrees.  Seeing as he was in holiday mode he rose to the challenge and agreed.  My husband grew up in the Illawarra so had a good idea where he was going but was not 100% on the exits.  Ahhhh yep, we did end up a little lost.  He may have been urged to try a road that was a ‘short cut’ but ended up as a 20 minute rough drive to a dead end….oops.

Needless to say I didn’t push my luck and didn’t ask him to actually let me out of the car to take photos.  This is as good as it got that day people…..


No stopping today.


It was such a beautiful drive.

Of course Murphy’s Law being what it is, the second time we drove the Grand Pacific and planned to stop and enjoy the view it was wet, grey, and cloudy.  So unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice.


Bald Hill Look Out – Such a shame it was a miserable day.


If you look closely you can see the Grand Pacific Drive hugging the coastline.


Hopped out to stretch the legs. What a view, even when wet.


For all the lovers out there bring a padlock with your names engraved, lock it on to certain parts of the bridge and throw away the key. Together forever. I thought it was kind of cute.


Now that’s what I call a Sunday Drive.

It is definitely worth checking out if you are near Sydney and the Illawarra region.  Pack a picnic lunch, grab your sunglasses and red lippy, and check out Grand Pacific Drive.


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